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Issue 121 - December 2011 - Page 26

Abandoned Two Week Old Sydney Baby Prayer Request

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Circulating social media message outlines the case of a two week old baby abandoned in a Sydney house. The message asks for prayers for the recovery of the baby and requests that users repost it if they are against child abuse.

Brief Analysis
There are no current news or police reports that describe a Sydney based case like the one outlined in the message. In fact, there are no recent reports about such a case occurring anywhere in Australia. There is no credible evidence that the baby discussed in the message actually exists. Reposting this message will do nothing whatsoever to fight child abuse.

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Detailed analysis and references below example.

Last updated: 5th November 2011
First published: 5th November 2011
Article written by Brett M. Christensen
About Brett Christensen and Hoax-Slayer

Yesterday afternoon in Sydney police got a call about a baby that had been screaming none stop for over 24hours. Police soon discovered a 2 week old baby boy on the floor. He was burning up and was all wet. They searched the house for the mother or father but they were no were to be found. They rushed the baby to a hospital to find out the baby had a infected belly from the umbilical cord then found he had nappy rash so bad he was bleeding & was so hungry & weighed less then what he should of at birth. This tiny innocent baby boy is fighting for his life with infections & being under a healthy weight. Police spent all day trying to find a family member of this abanded baby. To later find a car at a park down the road of a lady who had over doesed on ice. There is no record of this baby being born or of a father they also can't find a member of the mothers family. Please repost this if u are 100% against child abuse xx & say a pray for this beautiful nameless baby boy

Abandoned Sysdney Baby Prayer Request

Detailed Analysis
This message, which is currently gaining momentum on Facebook, tells the distressing story of a two week old baby left alone to die in a Sydney home. According to the message, the abandoned newborn is seriously ill from infections, hunger and lack of care and is fighting for his life in hospital. The message claims that a woman thought to be his mother was found dead of a drug overdose in a nearby park and no other family members have so far been located. The message asks recipients to offer prayers for the recovery of the nameless baby. It also suggests that people repost the message if they are "100% against child abuse".

However, there are no credible reports of any kind that describe a current case like the one outlined above. Either in the Sydney region or elsewhere in Australia. Extensive searches of news and police sources do not reveal any recent case with the characteristics of the one described in the above message.

Horrific cases of abandoned and neglected infants do occur from time to time. Such cases generally receive widespread media coverage, especially if authorities are trying to identify or locate members of the child's family. The fact that the case described in the above message has received nary a mention from media or police is rather telling. Given this complete lack of evidence, it seems likely that the entire tragic story is simply a figment of some warped - and grammatically challenged - person's imagination.

Unfortunately, the message provides no time frame for the supposed incident other than "yesterday afternoon". This lack of a concrete date means that the message may well continue to circulate for months or even years.

Regardless of your own beliefs about the power of prayer, sending on prayer requests for a child that - in all likelihood - does not even exist seems utterly pointless. Given the amount of sick or injured people in the world at any one time, it would seem much more reasonable to offer support for people in need within our own communities.

Moreover, sending on this message will do nothing whatsoever to help in the fight against child abuse. Reposting the message may provide the user with a warm and fuzzy feeling of actually having done something to combat child abuse. But, of course, this feeling is utterly misplaced. Donating to or volunteering for groups or agencies that fight against child abuse may help. Participating in community activities that attempt to combat the scourge of child abuse may help. Reposting a garbled Facebook message about an abuse case that probably never even took place will not help in the slightest.

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