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Issue 124 - February 2012 (1st Edition) - Page 3

Seriously McDonald's - African Americans Pay More Hoax

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Circulating image shows a sign posted in the window of a McDonald's store that informs African-American customers that they are required to pay more due to a string of robberies.

Brief Analysis
The message is a hoax. McDonald's has no such policy. The hoax has been circulating since at least 2010. Strangely enough, the phone number included in the picture is for the KFC's customer satisfaction help line and has no connection to McDonald's. Please do not repost this racist nonsense.

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Detailed analysis and references below example.

Last updated: 25th January 2012
First published: 25th January 2012
Article written by Brett M. Christensen
About Brett Christensen and Hoax-Slayer

Subject: Seriously McDonald'?


As an insurance measure due in part to a recent string of robberies, African-American customers are now required to pay an additional fee of $1.50 per transaction.

Thank you for your cooperation,
McDonald's Corporation
(800) 225-5532

African American's Pay More Hoax Sign

Detailed Analysis
This picture, which has circulated via social media websites and email since at least 2010, depicts a sign taped to a window that claims that McDonald's is now charging African-American customers an extra $1.50 per transaction as "an insurance measure due in part to a recent string of robberies".

Not surprisingly, the message is a hoax. The McDonald's Corporation has no such policy. McDonald's posted the following Twitter message in response to the 2011 incarnation of the hoax:
That pic is a senseless & ignorant hoax McD’s values ALL our customers. Diversity runs deep in our culture on both sides of the counter.
It is unclear who created the picture and launched the hoax. Some reports suggest that the picture was first posted on the 4Chan message board.

In a strange extra twist, the phone number shown in the image is actually the customer satisfaction number for KFC.

Please do not repost this racist and offensive material.

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McDonald's Isn't Charging African Americans $1.50 Extra
Seriously McDonalds' Hoax-Pic Angers Internet, McDonald's

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