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Issue 131 - May 2012 (2nd Edition) - Page 3

One Direction Facebook Page Hacker Warning Message

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Message circulating on Facebook warns Page owners to watch out for emails from a person claiming to be from the boy-band One Direction that asks for permission to be a Page admin. According to the message, just clicking the link in the email will automatically allow the "hacker" access to the page.

This warning is rather silly and its continued circulation is more than a little pointless. While it is possible that one or more One Direction fan page owners may have inadvertently provided admin rights to a person they believed was actually in the band, there is no evidence of a widespread or ongoing attack against Facebook page owners like the one described. A search of Facebook indicates that there are dozens of Facebook Pages with the name "One Direction Infection" or similar. The warning makes no effort to indicate which of these many pages was the one supposedly compromised.

Moreover, just clicking a link in an email will not - by itself - be enough to allow a "hacker" to take control of a page. If a page owner followed a link to a phishing site and was tricked into handing over Facebook account login details, then a hijacker could use those details to access the Page. Or, if the hapless Page owner clicked a link and subsequently downloaded and installed an information stealing trojan, then the criminal may again be able to procure the Facebook login details and wreak havoc on the Page.

And, of course, if the Page owner was wide eyed enough to actually believe that the email's sender was really a band member then, he might elevate the hijacker to admin status thereby allowing him to have his way with the Page.

However, just clicking a link or answering an email would not by itself allow this dastardly hijacker to automatically take control of the page, be it about One Direction or any other subject.

Certainly Facebook Page owners - along with all Internet users - should be very cautious of following links in unsolicited emails. And, surely, it hardly needs to be said that it would be exceedingly unwise for a Page owner to make a stranger a page admin just because he claimed to be a famous person or to be in some way directly connected to the group the fan page was dedicated to.

But sending on this overwrought, garbled and tragically vague warning is unlikely to help page owners to keep their pages safe from attack. The message is similar to another widespread - and equally dubious - Facebook "hacker" warning that advises users not to click a link with the words "Visit The New Facebook".

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Last updated: 14th May 2012
First published: 14th May 2012
Article written by Brett M. Christensen
About Brett Christensen and Hoax-Slayer


ALERT ALERT ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ DO NOT IGNORE. This is for every that owns a page on facebook!!! There is a hacker going around,they email your page saying that they are 1D and would like to admin your page for a while.DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK OR ANYTHING ELSE THEY SEND.If you do they automatically get onto your page and you probably won't get it back.It happened to the page One Direction Infection. They nearly have 300,000 likes and now all their hard work could be gone.SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL. *** All facebook pages share this. *** GET THIS MESSAGE GOING AROUND EVERYONE!! Please pass this to all the pages you admin or own.

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