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Issue 133 - June 2012 (2nd Edition) - Page 13

'Switch to Pink Facebook' Survey Scam

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Message appearing on Facebook claims that users can switch the colour of their profile from blue to pink by clicking a link.

Brief Analysis
The message is a survey scam designed to trick users into spamming their friends and providing personal information via various third-party surveys or offers. Users are told that they must complete a survey as a means of verification. However, no matter how many surveys users complete, they will never receive the promised pink profile.

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Detailed analysis and references below example.

Last updated: 4th June 2012
First published: 6th January 2012
Article written by Brett M. Christensen
About Brett Christensen and Hoax-Slayer

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Pink Facebook Suvery Scam

Detailed Analysis
A message currently appearing on Facebook claims that users can switch their Facebook profile from "boring" blue to pink. The message invites people to take advantage of this limited time "Switch to Pink" offer by clicking a link in the post.

However, the post is in fact a survey scam. Users who fall for the ruse and follow the link will first be tricked into spamming the same "Pink Profile" message to their friends by sharing and commenting via the bogus "Switch to Pink" page, as shown in the following screenshot:

Swicth To Pink Scam

Next, they will be told they must complete a survey or offer before their profile can be switched to pink. Some of the "survey" pages ask users to provide personal information including name, address and contact details, ostensibly to allow them to go in the draw for a prize. Others invite them to download dubious toolbars, games or software. Still others will claim that users must provide their mobile phone number - thereby subscribing to absurdly expensive text messaging services - in order to get the results of a survey or go in the running for a prize.

No matter how many offers or surveys they complete, or what services they subscribe to, victims will never receive the promised pink profile.

The scammers who create these schemes will earn commissions via suspect affiliate marketing systems each and every time a victim completes an offer or participates in a survey. Victims may also be faced with large phone bills for unwanted mobile phone services and, because they have provided name and contact details, they may be inundated with unwanted promotional emails, phone calls and junk mail.

If one of these spam messages appears on your wall, just delete it. Do not follow any links in such messages.

Note that this scam is in no way related to the Add a Pink Tinge to Your Profile breast-cancer fundraiser operated by Australia's CUA bank in October, 2011.

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