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Issue 133 - June 2012 (2nd Edition) - Page 5

Qian Hongyan AOL Money For Forwarding Hoax

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Circulating slide presentation about Qian Hongyan, a child in China that lost both legs in an accident, claims that AOL will donate 10 cents to help fund prosthetic legs for the girl each time the message is forwarded.

Brief Analysis
Qian Hongyan is a real person and she indeed lost both legs in an accident in the year 2000. The images in the presentation are genuine. However, the claim that AOL will donate money to Qian Hongyan when the message is forwarded is an outright lie. Sending on the message will do nothing to help Qian Hongyan. Any message that claims that money will be donated to help a sick or injured child just for forwarding an email is sure to be a hoax.

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Detailed analysis and references below example.

Last updated: 11th June 2012
First published: 11th June 2012
Article written by Brett M. Christensen
About Brett Christensen and Hoax-Slayer

Transcript of slide presentation

A Lifetime Lesson

Read this story and If the conclusion is correct and I like to think it is, do not hesitate to do something. ...

Yes, this is a great lifetime lesson. Something to think about…

Qian Hongyan lost both legs in an accident.

Her Chinese family is very poor and can not afford prosthesis for her.  So, she uses a basketball to move from place to place.

Qian uses two wooden supports. She never complains. She has already used six basket balls.

She goes to school always smiling always positive

With few key stokes on your computer, she may have a pair of legs.

Two Prosthesis….

If you forward this presentation to your friends, AOL will pay 10 cents for each email you send.

Now you have two options: delete this presentation or forward it to all your friends.

I hope you do the latter and forward to all your friends.

Thank you!!

Qian Hongyan slide show 1 Qian Hongyan slide show 2 Qian Hongyan slide show 3

Detailed Analysis
This message, which circulates in the form of a slide show attached to an email, tells the story - complete with images and music - of Qian Hongyan, a Chinese girl who lost both her legs in a car accident. The message describes how she used a basketball and two wooden hand supports to move around and describes her positive outlook on life. The message also claims that AOL will pay 10 cents to help buy prosthetic limbs for Qian Hongyan each and every time the presentation is forwarded to others.

Qian Hongyan is a real person, and tragically, she indeed lost her legs in a year 2000 auto accident. The photographs included in the presentation are genuine. At the time of the accident, Qian Hongyan's parents could not afford modern prosthetics for her, so she learned to move around using a cut down basketball and two wooden props.

However, the claim that AOL will donate money to help pay for prosthetic limbs in exchange for forwarding the email is a callous lie. Sending on the message will do nothing whatsoever to help Qian Hongyan. In fact, this is just one more in a long line of money for forwarding or reposting hoaxes that have circulated for years, first via email and more lately via social media posts. Any message that claims that money will be donated to help a sick or injured child in exchange for forwarding or reposting something is certain to be a hoax.

Clearly, the disgusting individual responsible for this hoax has hijacked this brave child's story to facilitate his or her own sick lies. The immoral individuals who create such hoaxes regularly use images of children without the permission or knowledge of their parents or guardians. In recent months, many such sick child hoaxes have circulated on Facebook and via email. It can be very distressing for parents or other family members to discover that their child's pictures have been used in a hoax message.

Thankfully, Qian Hongyan, now a teenager, is making great progress. She was later provided with a set of artificial limbs. She is also an accomplished swimmer. 2011 news reports indicate that Qian Hongyan and other members of China's Yunzhinan Swimming Club were training in preparation for possible participation in the 2012 London Paralympics.

If you receive this hoax message or any other like it, please do not forward or repost it. And please let the sender know that the message is a hoax.

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