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Issue 134 - July 2012 (1st Edition) - Page 2

Bigpond 'Broadband Service Suspension' Phishing Scam

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Email purporting to be from Australian Internet service provider Bigpond claims that the recipient's ADSL broadband service may be suspended unless he or she follows a link to rectify a billing error.

Brief Analysis
The message is not from Bigpond or parent company Telstra. In fact, the email is a phishing scam designed to trick people into handing over personal and financial information to Internet criminals. If you receive one of these messages, do not click on any links or open any attachments that it may contain.

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Detailed analysis and references below example.

Last updated: 28 June, 2012
First published: 28 June, 2012
Article written by Brett M. Christensen
About Brett Christensen and Hoax-Slayer


Subject: BigPond ADSL Broadband Service Suspension..

Dear BigPond User,

Telstra BigPond is sending you this e-mail to inform you that our service to you could be suspended. This might be due to either of the following reasons:

1. You have changed your billing address.
2. You have Submitted incorrect information during bill payment process.
3. Your credit/debit card has expired.
4. You didn't update your bigpond profile.

According to above, and to ensure that your service is not interrupted, we request you to confirm and update your billing information now

If you have already confirmed your billing information then please disregard this message as we are processing the changes you have made.

Billing Department

Thanks for your co-operation

Detailed Analysis
According to this email, which claims to be from Australian based Internet service provider Bigpond, the recipient's broadband service is set to be suspended due to a supposed billing information error. The user is instructed to click a link in the email to update billing details and thereby avoid the impending service suspension.

However, the message is certainly not from Bigpond or its parent company Telstra. And the claim that the user's service will be suspended unless billing details are updated is a lie. In fact, the message is a phishing scam designed to trick recipients into divulging their credit card details and other private information to cybercriminals. Those who fall for the ruse and click the link as instructed will be taken to a bogus website designed to emulate a real Bigpond webpage. Once there, they will be instructed to login with their Bigpond username and password. Next, they will be asked to update their details by entering their credit card and name and address information on a web form.

Once they click the "submit" button on this fake form, all of the information will be sent to the criminals running the scam. The criminals can then use the stolen information to make fraudulent credit card transactions as well as access the user's real Bigpond account. They may also be able to collect enough personal information from the form and the hijacked account to steal their victim's identity. Scammers also often use such compromised accounts to send further spam and scam emails.

This type of phishing scam is very common and has targeted users of many different Internet Service Providers around the world. If you receive this email or one similar to it, do not click on any links or open any attachments that it may contain.

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