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Issue 139 - September 2012 (2ndt Edition) - Page 12

Photo Sharing Request for 'Pray For Rosalie'

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Photo being circulated shows a young girl in with nasogastic intubation and her mother laying in the bed with her.  The photo’s caption implores the reader to share the photo and pray for the child.  While not present on the original version, it has also come to be shared with a comment attached stating the Facebook will donate for shares.

Brief Analysis
The girl in the photo was involved in a near drowning and is as of this writing still in fragile medical condition.  The addition to the photo that Facebook, or anyone else, is donating 3 cents for shares is a complete fabrication added by unscrupulous pages seeking to pad their page’s like/share statistics. 

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Detailed analysis and references below example.

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Last updated: September 11, 2012
First published: September 11, 2012
Article researched and written by David M. White
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Pray for Rosalie Facebook Share Request

Detailed Analysis
Two year old Rosalie Goodwin and her family, of Owasso, Oklahoma, were at a community pool on June 6, 2012 when she fell into the pool.  By the time an adult reached her and pulled her from the water, she had already been in long enough to sustain brain damage.  Rosalie has not yet regained consciousness, but she has shown signs of neurological improvement and she was considered medically stable enough for her family to be able to take her home from the hospital while she continues therapy.

Local news media have covered the accident and Rosalie’s recovery process, and friends and family have set up pages on Facebook – some simply requesting prayers for the family, others organizing fundraising events to assist the family with mounting medical bills. More recently, the photo has been copied and has been being shared by the lower end of the Facebook moral spectrum – pages that copy and share photos of sick children for no reason other than to raise the like/share stats of the page.  They have added under the photo the comment, "Facebook is ready to pay 3 cent for every share. We don't know Whether it is true or not, but let's everybody share. Our One Share will Not Cost..."   Obviously Facebook is not donating 3 cents for shares – that is just a ploy of the morally bankrupt pages to increase their page stats.

Persons inclined to share that photo in support of Rosalie and her family would do better to visit the actual page that they have access to – not some random likewhore.

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