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Issue 156 - June, 2013 (2nd Edition) - Page 8

Super Moon June 23, 2013

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Messages circulating on Facebook claim that a "Super Moon" will occur on June 23, 2013 and ask users to spread the word so that others can also enjoy the event.

Full Moon

© Chelmodeev

The claims in the messages are true. A so called "super moon" will indeed occur on June 23, 2013. A super moon - called a "perigee full moon" by astronomers - describes the moon’s closest approach to Earth for a particular month. The June super moon will be the moon’s closest encounter with Earth this year. On June 23, the time of full moon will take place within an hour of the time of perigee. So, the June 23rd full moon will look larger than it does in other months.

Some of the circulating messages tend to exaggerate how big the moon will actually appear. And, of course, it will not appear bright purple or blue as suggested by some circulating graphics. Nevertheless, June 23 should present a great opportunity to view and photograph the moon in all its splendor.

Those seeking more detailed information about the June super moon should read EarthSky's in-depth article here.

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Supermoon June 2013

Super Moon June 23, 2013

Spread This Message, SO Everyone Can Enjoy

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Last updated: June 7, 2013
First published: June 7, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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Most 'super' supermoon of 2013 on June 22-23

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