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Issue 160 - August, 2013 (2nd Edition) - Page 21

X Factor Australia Like Farming Scam

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Facebook Page purporting to be the X Factor Australia fan page claims that users who like the Page and share a promotional image can win 1 of 250 iMac computers.

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Brief Analysis
The Page is not a genuine X Factor Page and iMacs are not being given away as claimed. The supposed giveaway is a like-farming scam designed to gather large numbers of likes so that the Page can be later resold on the black market or used to launch further spam and scam campaigns.

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Due to our huge success, we have decided to give away 250 iMac computers. To win, you must share this picture and like the page.

The winners will be announced on the first of August. Good Luck!


Detailed Analysis

Popular TV show The X Factor began its run in Australia on 29th July, 2013. In an attempt to capitalize on the show's popularity, scammers have already created a like-farming Facebook Page that masquerades as an official fan page for the show. The fake Page claims that due to its huge success, The X Factor is giving away 250 iMac computers to users who like the Page and share a promotional image.

But, in reality, the Page has no connection to The X Factor whatsoever and the claim that it is giving away computers is a lie.  The purpose of the Page is to gather large numbers of likes in the shortest possible time. The Page achieves this by promising expensive prizes to those who click "Like". And, by tricking users into sharing the material with their Facebook friends, the fake Page can garner even more likes.

Once a Page has amassed a large number of likes, it can be sold on the black market to other unscrupulous people, renamed to fit a different topic and then used to market various products and services to the Page's large audience. It may also be used to launch various other types of nefarious activities such as survey scams and information theft.

Like-farming is an increasingly common scammer ploy, with more fake Pages appearing on Facebook every day. Be wary of any Page that claims that users can win an expensive prize just by liking and sharing. If you encounter such a Page, or one of its promotional messages, do not click like or share. And, do not comment either, because this further promotes the Page.

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Last updated: July 30, 2013
First published: July 30, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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The X Factor - Australia
Dell Computer Giveaway Survey and Like Farming Scam
Facebook Like-Farming Scams

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