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180 Unsealed XBOX ONE Giveaway Like-Farming Scam


Facebook message claims that 180 XBOX ONES cannot be sold due to being unsealed. Users are instructed to like and share the post for a chance to win one.

Facebook phising
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Brief Analysis

The Page is fraudulent and has no connection to Facebook or Microsoft. The page is a like-farming scam designed with the intention of tricking users in to liking the Page. No XBOX ONE'S will be given away. If a Facebook page accumulates a large number of likes it can be sold on the black market or used in further spam campaigns.


We have 180 Xbox One which can't be sold because they're unsealed so we are giving them out for free to some lucky people!

Want To Get One? Just 'Share' this photo and 'Like' our page.

Competition ends on the 4th March 2014 , Good luck.
(the more times you share, the more chances you have.)

Xbox One Like Farm

Detailed Analysis

This message is currently circulating Facebook promoting a Facebook Page that claims to be giving away 180 unsealed XBOX ONES. To enter, users are instructed to like the page and share the picture to further promote it for more potential likes.

Everything in the message is false.  The message is a standard like-farming scam. No legitimate company is ever likely to give away large numbers of expensive products just because they are unsealed. This claim is a common scammer ruse.

The message is created simply to obtain as many likes as possible so that the Page can later be sold on the black market or used in further spam or scam campaigns. Such pages will often begin to promote survey scams in subsequent campaigns.

Like-farming is not new and continues to plague Facebook users. Other such examples are the Ford Mustang Giveaway and the PlayStation 4 like-farming scams.

Always be cautious of any Facebook Page claiming to be giving away expensive products just because they are unsealed as they are almost certainly like-farming scams.

Last updated: February 25, 2014
First published: February 25, 2014
Written by Matthew T. Christensen
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