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Airbus A380 Cockpit - 360 Degree Panoramic View

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Published on 3rd August 2010 by Brett M. Christensen

A message that is circulating rapidly vie email and social networking sites points recipients to a web page that features a panorama view of the cockpit of an Airbus A380. The compelling image allows visitors to "look" all around the cockpit via mouse movements and onscreen controls. Viewers can even "look" up to the roof of the cockpit as well as down to the floor. The visitor can also gain a closer view of the cockpit's various features by zooming in. The panorama has generated a lot of commentary among aircraft enthusiasts.

The image is the work of talented French computer graphics designer and "panographer" Gilles Vidal. A number of other, often breathtaking, panoramas are available on Gilles Vidal's website. Another website, 360venezia, features Vidal's panoramic photographs of Venice.

Note that I have added this snippet here in the Nutshell section simply because a number of people have contacted me about the message asking if it is safe to follow the link. Of course, it is certainly wise to be cautious of following links in unsolicited emails. Internet criminals often attempt to trick recipients into downloading malware via messages that supposedly link to interesting websites. However, in this case, there is nothing sinister about the message or the page that it links to. The panorama view of the Airbus cockpit is certainly interesting and well worth a look.

An example of the circulating message:
Subject: Fw: FW: AIRBUS A380.....

This is a 360-degree panorama view of an Airbus A380's cockpit.

As you move your cursor you can see the whole cockpit from top to bottom.

You can even zoom on the dash.


Inside The Cockpit Of The Airbus A380
Gilles Vidal
Gilles Vidal Website

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