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Andy's Story - Dating Scam

I had never used an online dating site since I had always met my lovers in real life. Well, after having my heart broken, I decided to try my luck on the net. I registered on a dating site in search of a beautiful woman who I hoped would be my soul mate.

Unfortunately, I chose the wrong person. One morning, I received a message on the site from "Mary". She said that she was a white lady from Ghana and was 28 years old. She told me that she had gone to Africa with her mum, who she said was a missionary. She said that she could not come back because the local church needed her and she lived in the mission home.

I fell for her when she sent me a gift on my birthday through my postal address. We decided that we should meet each other in real life. But, on numerous occasions, she demanded money from me to pay for her to get to the UK.

However, when she tried to smuggle a product I knew nothing about into the UK, I told her the game was over. I lost nearly £18,000.00 to her. 

With assistance from a close friend of mine, I reported the story to the police in Ghana. I have received reports that the fraudster is being traced and my case may receive a favourable outcome.

I am currently in Ghana where I have met officials of the Crime Unit and Police and hopefully these scammers will be brought to justice.

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Last updated: September 18, 2014
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By Brett M. Christensen
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