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ANZ Account Suspension Phishing Scam

Like other financial institutions, leading Australian bank, ANZ is often targeted by phishing scammers

A phishing scam message distributed in late May 2006 informed recipients that their ANZ account had been suspended and urged them to click a link in the email in order to restore their account. However, the link lead to a fake website that was designed to closely resemble a genuine ANZ login web page. Login details and other personal information that victims entered into forms on this fake website could then be harvested by scammers.

The scam email was in HTML format and included a genuine looking ANZ logo. The hyperlink in the message was disguised to look like a legitimate ANZ web address. The message's poor spelling and grammar were another indication that it was not genuine.

If you receive any unsolicited emails from ANZ or other institutions that ask you to click an included hyperlink and provide sensitive personal information, then you should view the message with the utmost suspicion. Legitimate institutions are unlikely to request information from customers in this way. Be very cautious of clicking on a link in an unsolicited email in order to access the website of a bank or other institution that may be the target of scammers. The safest method is to manually enter the URL of the institution's website into your browser's address bar.

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Example (Received from scammers, May 2006):
Text of scam message:

From: "ANZ Banking" Reply-To: "ANZ Banking"


In an effort to protect your ANZ Banking account security, we have suspended your account until such time that it can be safely restored by you.

We have taken this action because your ANZ online account may have been compromised, Sometimes this happens when members respond to tropans,worms and other effected virus files. Although we cannot disclose our investigative procedures that led to this conclusion, Please know that we took this action in order to maintain the safety of your account.

To complete our activation process for your account restoring access,please click here: [Link removed]

Thank You.

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ANZ Phishing Scam

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen