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Install a Backup Browser for Computer Troubleshooting

The web browser is likely to be one of the most heavily used programs on a typical Internet connected computer. A web browser is quite a complex program. Among other things, it has to:
Given this heavy workload and complexity, it is not surprising that web browsers are a common source of computer problems.

Therefore, it is a good idea to download and install a secondary browser that can be used as a backup when things go wrong with your primary browser.

Some instances in which you might have a need to use your spare browser are when:
Also, a spare browser can help avoid a Catch 22 situation in which you know the solution to your browser problem is available on the Internet but you cannot access any websites to find it.

Because the Internet Explorer browser comes pre-installed on Microsoft Windows based computers, many new computer users may not be aware that there are good quality alternative web browsers freely available online.

An excellent alternative to Internet Explorer is Mozilla Firefox. Another good choice is the Opera browser. Both of these applications will serve very well as backup browsers. Both are easy to download and install and are simple to use. In fact, you may find that one or both of them are superior to Internet Explorer and decide to use them all the time. (I use Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser and Internet Explorer as my backup).

Even if you only have a need to use a back-up browser once in a blue moon, it is wise to download and install one before such a need arises.

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