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Belarc Advisor - Know Thy Computer

In order to effectively maintain your computer and proactively deal with problems that may occur, it is virtually essential that you have some basic information about your particular system readily available. If you request help on a computer support group, from a tech support line, or even just from a more computer conversant friend, you will very often be asked to provide specific and accurate details about your computer. Without these details it can be very difficult for even the most knowledgeable computer guru to help you. Proceedings can be delayed considerably if you are required to stop and locate the requested information, especially if you are not even sure how to find it.

Therefore, it is wise to create a detailed profile of your computer system before problems occur and store a printed copy of the document in a safe place. For inexperienced computer users, creating such a profile can be time consuming and frustrating.

Enter the Belarc Advisor!

The Belarc Advisor is a very useful program that automatically generates a detailed report of the hardware and software on your computer. It records essential information such as operating system and processor details, the amount of RAM installed, and drive specifications. The report includes a comprehensive list of the software installed on your system as well as software licence numbers and product keys. It even lists Microsoft hotfixes and lets you know if any of these require reinstalling.

After the Belarc Advisor generates the report, it is displayed in your browser.

The report is clearly formatted to ease understanding and divided into appropriate categories. Hyperlinks allow you to quickly navigate to different parts of the document, find out more about a particular hotfix entry or see where a listed software product is installed.

Belarc Report

You can easily print a copy of the report directly from the browser display, thereby creating a hard copy reference document for future use. Once installed, the Belarc Advisor can generate new reports as required, so you can easily update your printed profile if your system specifications change.

The Belarc Advisor is free for personal use.

Find out more about the Belarc Advisor

Please note:
All software I recommend has been checked for spyware and viruses and has proven to be reasonably stable on my Microsoft Windows based computers. However, it is impossible to guarantee that any software I recommend will work as well for you as it has for me. There are just too many variables to make such a guarantee viable. Therefore, I cannot take any responsibility for problems that you may encounter due to the use of software that I have reviewed.

Review by Brett M. Christensen