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BMW M3 Giveaway Like-Farming Scam


Facebook message claims that users can win a BMW M3 by sharing a promotional image and liking an associated Facebook Page.

Facebook phising
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Brief Analysis

The message and Page are fraudulent and no BMW M3's are being given away. This is a typical like-farming scam designed to trick users into accumulating Page likes under false pretences. Pages with high like numbers can later be used to launch further scam attacks. Or they may be sold on the black market to other scammers. This scam Page is just one in a series of like-farming Pages that have claimed to be giving away BMW cars.


We are giving 2 BMW M3 On April 15 , 2014
2 Lucky Winners Will Be Announced On April 15

Step 1) Like this post
Step 2) Comment which color you want.
Step 3) share on your wall
Step 4) Like Page
Good Luck to everyone !

BMW M3 Like farming scam

Detailed Analysis

A post currently rocketing around Facebook promises users the chance to win a BMW M3 just for liking and sharing. The message claims that, to go in the draw to win one of two cars to be given away on April 15, 2014, all users need do is like and share a promotional image, state their desired car colour via a comment, and like the Facebook Page from which the message originates. The message features a BMW gift-wrapped with a large red bow.

However, the Facebook Page and all of the messages that it spawns are part of a typical like-farming scam. The Page is bogus and has no association whatsoever with BMW. And the claim that it is giving away BMW M3's is a lie. There are no prizes. The image of the car has been taken from a website that sells "Big Bows" to car dealerships.

In fact, the Page is just one in a series of very similar like-farming scams that have claimed to be giving away BMW cars in exchange for liking, sharing and commenting.

As the name suggests, the goal of like-farmers is to corral as many Page likes as possible from unsuspecting participants. They achieve this by tricking people into spamming the bogus giveaway posts to all of their friends via shares and comments and liking the scam Page. Once a Page has accumulated a large number of likes, it can be used to perpetrate survey, rogue app, and advance fee scams to its now sizable audience. Alternatively, the scammers who own the Page may decide to sell the Page to other scammers or unscrupulous Internet marketers who will repurpose it to fit their own requirements.

Like-farming has become a common scammer ploy on Facebook. Be wary of any Facebook post or Page that claims that users can win an expensive prize just for liking, sharing or commenting. If one of these scam messages comes your way, do not click the link it contains. Please do not participate "just in case" the claims are true as this only benefits the scammers and exposes all of your friends to the fraudulent activity as well.

Last updated: March 18, 2014
First published: March 18, 2014
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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