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Hoax Warning Claims 'Bompie' Brand Frozen Juice Has Killed 180 People

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According to a message that is circulating rapidly via social media, SMS, and email, you should not buy a frozen juice brand called 'Bompie'.

Supposedly, the juice was shipped into Ghana from Nigeria and has so far killed 180 people. The warning rather vaguely suggests that the deaths occurred because the juice contains 'a poisonous chemical'. It asks you to pass on the information in the hope of saving 'millions' of people from such poisoning deaths. It further advises that, if you do not believe the claims, you should search Google for 'Bompie frozen juice'.

However, the warning is false. No such deaths have occurred and there are no credible reports that support the claims in the message in any way.

In fact, this bogus warning is just a revamped version of an earlier hoax that falsely claimed that a bottled water called 'Dew' had killed 180 people. As the following example reveals, the two hoaxes are cut from the same cloth:
Please don't buy or drink any bottled water called 'DEW'. Customs say it was shipped into Nigeria from Tanzania where it has killed 180 people. It is said to contain a poisonous chemical. Please pass this on and save millions. If u don't believe check google for 'DEW bottled water'.
The image used in the hoax message was apparently taken from earlier posts that discussed the juice product but made no mention of poisoning.

Both versions of the warning are without substance and should not be taken seriously. Sharing such nonsense serves only to spread fear and alarm among communities. If you receive this message, please do not share it with others. And please let the person who sent it to you know that the warning is a hoax.



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Please don’t buy or drink any plastic frozen juice called 'Bompie. Customs says it was shipped into Ghana from Nigeria where it has killed 180 people. It is said to contain a poisonous chemical. Please pass this on and save millions. If u don’t believe check google for “Bompie frozen juice” Save lives as I just saved yours.

Bompie Frozen Juice Hoax

Last updated: November 4, 2015
First published: November 4, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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