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British Airways 'Free Airline Tickets' Facebook Scam

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Yet another 'free airline tickets' scam is hitting Facebook. This version claims that British Airways is giving you the chance to get free first class airline tickets to anywhere around the world. The post invites you to click to claim your free tickets.

But, alas, the post is just a typical ruse to trick you into spamming your friends and Facebook Groups and supplying your personal information on suspect survey websites. The post is not associated with British Airways and you will not receive any free airline tickets by participating.

If you click on the post, you will be taken to a fraudulent webpage and told that you must follow two simple steps to get your British Airways tickets.

Step 1 instructs you to click a button which will share the bogus webpage on Facebook thereby exposing all of your friends to the same scam.

Step 2 instructs you to click a button to send a link to the page to five Facebook Groups, which means that, by complying, you are effectively spamming your Groups on behalf of the scammers.

After carrying out these steps, you can click a button labeled 'get your free first class tickets'. Clicking the button opens another fake page that appears to allow you to claim your tickets. However, a popup window that obscures the claim form informs you that you must verify your entry by filling in one or more surveys. The popup contains a list of survey links for you to choose from.

The links open various third-party survey webpages that are intent on getting your personal information. Some will ask you to provide a mobile phone number as a means of entering a draw for further prizes. But, fine print on the page will state that, by supplying your mobile phone number, you are agreeing to subscribe to an expensive SMS service that charges you several dollars per message they send.

Others will ask you to provide your name, email address, phone number, and home address. But, a statement on the page will descale that your information will be shared with site sponsors and third-party marketers. Thus, after participating, you will likely begin receiving unwanted phone calls, emails, and surface letters promoting various products and services.

Meanwhile, the scammers who created the fake British Airways giveaway promotion will earn affiliate commissions each time somebody provides their information on one of the survey sites.

These scams are very common on Facebook and they have used the names of several major airlines around the world. Be very wary of any Facebook message that claims that you can get free airline tickets are other valuable prizes just by sharing and participating in surveys.



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Last updated: October 29, 2015
First published: October 29, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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