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Carnival Cruises 'Goody Bags' Giveaway Like-Farming Scam

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Message being distributed on Facebook claims that, just by sharing and liking, you can win a 'goody bag' containing 5 first class tickets for a Carnival cruise along with $2000 and a Carnival t-shirt.

Cruise Ship Scam

Brief Analysis

The message is a like-farming scam. It is not associated with Carnival Cruises and there are no prizes. The scam is designed to accumulate large numbers of Page likes so that the fraudulent Facebook Page can be either used to launch further scam campaigns or sold on the black market to other scammers.



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Within the next 24 hours we are giving 225 random people the chance to win 4 tickets each. (worth $4,085; Valid till 2017)
To win just Share & Like photo. (Comment to double chances)
Winners will be tagged in this post and messaged in 24 hours. Like our page

Carnival Cruise Scam Message

We're giving away 150 of these goody bags, each goody bag will contain 5 first class tickets for a Carnival cruise, $2,000 and a Carnival t-shirt. To win just Share & Like. (Comment to double chances).

Ends 25th may. Make sure like our page for the winners announcement

Carnival Cruise Goody Bags Scam Message

Detailed Analysis

'Carnival Cruises' Facebook Post Promises Goody Bags

According to a post that is currently appearing on Facebook, you can win a 'goody bag' containing 5 first class tickets for a Carnival cruise as well as $2000 and a Carnival t-shirt. And, all you need do for a chance to win, claims the post, is share and like the promotional image. Supposedly, you can double your chances of winning by adding a comment as well.

Post is a Like-Farming Scam

However, the post and the Facebook Page that generated it are not associated with Carnival Cruises in any way. The fake Page is not giving away Carnival Cruises goody bags as claimed. There are no prizes and no winners.

In fact, the fraudulent Page is a typical like-farming scam. The goal of the people who create such Pages is to accumulate as many Page likes as possible in the shortest possible time. By launching a Page that pretends to be associated with a high-profile company such as Carnival Cruises and offering an attractive prize package as bait, these scammers can often harvest hundreds of thousands of Page likes in just a few days.

Tricking people into liking, sharing, and commenting on a fake giveaway post ensures that the Page receives a great deal of exposure across the network and this translates to a great many new Page likes.

Once the fake Page has gathered a large number of likes, its owners can use it launch survey scams or other types of fraudulent activity, this time to a much larger potential audience.

Alternatively, the Page may be sold on the black market to other scammers who will repurpose it for their own nefarious needs. The more likes a Page has, the higher the price it can command on the black market.

The real Carnival Cruises Facebook Page features Facebook's blue 'verified' icon to show that it is indeed the company's official Page. The scammers who created the fake Carnival Cruises Page have added a period at the end of the name. This simple ruse fools Facebook's Page creation system into allowing a Page name almost identical to that of the company's official Facebook Page.

The name, along with the use of images stolen from other sources, has apparently tricked many Facebook users into believing that the fake Page - and the 'goody bag' giveaway - is genuine.

Like-Farming and Survey Scams Very Common

Like-farming and survey scams like this one are very common on Facebook. In fact, this is not the first time that a fake Facebook page has promised free Carnival Cruises. Similar scam Pages have falsely claimed to be giving away free Disney cruises or theme park tickets. Be wary of any message on Facebook that claims that you can win an expensive prize just by liking and sharing.

Carnival Cruises Scam Facebook Page

Last updated: July 13, 2015
First published: May 25, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
About Hoax-Slayer

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