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Disabling the Caps Lock and Insert Keys

I tend to get a bit heavy handed when I'm word processing and often inadvertently press the Caps Lock key or the Insert key. This can be irritating and waste time.

I've found a tiny freeware program called CapsUnlock that allows you to disable both the Caps Lock key and the Insert key. The program runs in the background and you can control it via an icon that resides in the System Tray (near the clock). A right click menu allows you to easily enable and disable the keys, or turn the program off altogether.

The download site claims that the software is suitable for all Windows Operating systems and I've found that it works fine on both my Windows 98 and Windows XP machines.

Click the link below to visit the developer's home page and download the program:


There are more advanced and somewhat convoluted ways of disabling keys that do not require any extra software. However, this little program does the job very well, is easily reversible, and does not require any fiddling around in the Windows registry.

Tip by Brett M.Christensen