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Don't Assume All Your Friends Know About These Six Internet Scams

Educate Your Friends about Internet Scams

Perhaps you are already pretty Internet savvy and can easily recognize these six common Internet scams:

If you DO already know about these scams, great! But, don't assume that all of your friends and family know about them as well. You might be quite surprised!

People - smart, well-educated people from all walks of life and from many different countries - fall for these scams every day. Even the smartest people may have gaps in their knowledge or they may be a little naïve in certain areas and may therefore be potentially vulnerable to online fraud.

You can help thwart the criminals that roam the underbelly of the Internet simply by checking that your friends and family are up to speed with these six scam types. Education is the key to curtailing Internet crime. Even if you only save one person from one of these scams, you have struck a blow against cybercrime. Especially if the person you save passes on the knowledge to others.

To get started, you could send your friends a link to this page. Tell them that they can find out more about each of these scams by clicking the links in the list above. Why not arrange a coffee morning with your less computer savvy friends and use the time to discuss these scams with them? You could use the above Hoax-Slayer articles as a guide.

Or, you could gift your friends a copy of Hoax-Slayer's eBook 'Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft, Internet Scams & Phone Scams'. The eBook, available on Amazon in Kindle format, covers all of the above Internet scams in detail. It also provides a great deal of information about malware, Internet and phone security, and protecting your identity online.

Amazon allows you to purchase the eBook and send it to a friend as a gift.

You can read more details about the book here. Or go directly to the book's listing on Amazon.

Remember that YOU have the power to help reduce Internet fraud just by passing on knowledge about online scams and Internet security.



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Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft, Internet Scams & Phone Scams

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