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'Newly Registered Website' Search Engine Submission Scam

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Message sent to people who have recently registered a domain name advises them to "register" their website by clicking a link and signing up to an outrageously expensive search engine submission service.

Domain search scam

Brief Analysis

The message is a scam. There is no requirement to "register" your website and no need to pay any fee at all to have your website submitted to Google, Bing, or Yahoo. You can manually submit the site yourself, very quickly and easily, for no cost whatsoever. Moreover, manual site submission is not a requirement, and many experts suggest that it is unnecessary. Even if you do not submit your site, it will be discovered by the search engines in due time. Search engine submissions services are utterly redundant and designed only to trick less experience website owners into paying out large sums of money for absolutely nothing.



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Important Info About Your Newly Registered Website

Congratulations on registering [domain name removed]. The next step for you to do is to have your website listed with the search engines.

By submitting your domain in the search engines you can increase your online presence.

You can submit your domain name to Google, Bing, and Yahoo by clicking the link below:

Register Website

To manage your communication preferences, click here.

domain search scam

Detailed Analysis

Soon after I register a new domain name, I often get a spam email advising me that I should "register" my new website so that it can be submitted to the major Internet search engines. The messages suggest that I can "increase my online presence" by using the submission service offered and invite me to click a "Register Website" link to get started.

Thankfully, I'm experienced enough at this game to know that I do not need to pay anybody or use any third party service to submit a website to Google, Bing or Yahoo. 

But, alas, for someone new to publishing websites, the message might seem official and worth heeding. Those thus fooled into clicking the link will first be presented with an online form asking them to submit their website address and contact details.

Next, they will be presented with an outrageously expensive quote of several hundred dollars for registering the site and submitting it to the major search engines.  In some cases, they may be told that they have qualified for a "special" discount, which reduces the price significantly.

But, in reality, any amount is too much to pay for something you can do yourself for no cost at all. Submitting your site to the major search engines is a very quick and easy task that even new site owners should manage with nary a problem. And it doesn't cost a cent.

Moreover, manually submitting your site to search engines is certainly not a requirement.

Some might argue that submitting your site can give it something of a kick-start. But, many experts suggest that manual submission is pretty much a waste of time. Why? Because, once you have set up your site and added some content, Google and other search engines of significance will find and index the site in due course. In other words, the search engines will come to you. 

I have published quite a large number of sites over the years. I have not manually submitted one of them to search engines and I have certainly not paid any fee at all to have anybody else do the submitting for me. And yet the major search engines indexed all of these sites, just as I expected.

Thus, absurdly overpriced search engine submission "services" like the one offered in the above spam email, are nothing but blatant scams that prey on the inexperienced.  Don't fall for them.

Last updated: May 20, 2015
First published: November 20, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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