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Question From eBay Member Phishing Scam

Online auction site eBay has consistently been a target for phishing scammers. Scammers have used a number of ruses in order to coerce victims into providing sensitive personal information on fraudulent, look-a-like websites.

One trick scammers are currently using is to send out emails that masquerade as questions from eBay members. The emails are designed to look like official eBay messages complete with eBay logos and formatting.

The messages ask recipients about an item for sale on eBay or rudely accuse them of not sending a purchased item as promised. Thus, unwary recipients may be tricked into clicking the "Respond Now" link in the fake email. The link opens a bogus website that looks very similar to the genuine eBay login page. Login details and other personal information that victims enter into forms on this bogus website can then be harvested by scammers.

If you receive any unsolicited emails from eBay or other institutions that ask you to click an included hyperlink and provide sensitive personal information, then you should view the message with the utmost suspicion. Legitimate institutions are unlikely to request information from customers in this way. Be very cautious of clicking on a link in an unsolicited email in order to access the website of a bank or other institution that may be the target of scammers. The safest method is to manually enter the URL of the institution's website into your browser's address bar.

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Text of scam message:

Question from eBay Member -- Respond Now

eBay sent this message on behalf of an eBay member via My Messages. Responses sent using email will not reach the eBay member. Use the Respond Now button below to respond to this message.

I've sent you the money for the laptop and I have not receive any item from you! You are an (expletive removed) who tricked me! If you don't Respond Now and explain me what happen' I will contact eBay to report you and I also go to the police! I am waiting your Respond Now !You have to know I am not so stupid as you think!!!

eBay Scam Email

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen