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Current Ebola Related Hoaxes

The people who create hoaxes and fake-news stories are always quick to capitalise on any highly reported events. And, because it is creating so much fear and concern, Ebola is a perfect vehicle for such hoaxes. Ebola is being widely covered by the mainstream news and is currently front and centre in the public mind.

Therefore, any hoax messages about Ebola are likely to get plenty of attention as they circulate. This attention, of course, is the primary aim of those who create them.

Here we list the current crop of Ebola related hoaxes.

Hoax Report Claims 250,000 Texas Turkeys Infected With Ebola
A story circulating via social media reports that more than 250,000 holiday turkeys on a Texas farm may be infected with the deadly Ebola virus and will have to be destroyed. The report features a photograph depicting dead turkeys in a farm shed.

© bazil

HOAX - 'Ebola Vaccinations to Contain RFID Chips'
Circulating report claims that the US government has hatched a nefarious scheme to secretly implant RFID chips in citizens by hiding the chips in Ebola vaccinations.

© toxawww

Nonsensical Report Claims Ebola Not Real
A circulated report, supposedly penned by a nurse from Ghana claims that Ebola is not real. The report claims the Red Cross is injecting people with poison and pretending that they are subsequently dying of Ebola as a means of furthering sinister Western interests.

© JoseTandem

HOAX - 'U2's Bono Has Ebola'
Circulating report claims that U2's Bono has likely contracted the Ebola virus after caring for a dying Liberian man.


Ebola Zombie Hoax
Circulating rumours and reports claim that there has been a confirmed case of an Ebola victim rising from the dead in Africa. Many of the messages include an image that supposedly depicts this Ebola zombie.


Salt Water Ebola Prevention Hoax Leads to Deaths
A social media hoax, which falsely claimed that drinking or bathing in salt water could prevent infection from the deadly Ebola virus, has reportedly led to at least two deaths.


Fake-News: 'Sarah Palin Calls on Obama to Invade Ebola'
Circulating report claims that former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has called on President Obama to invade Ebola to deal with the 'dangerous and immediate threat to our freedoms and security' posed by the 'evil Ebola empire'.


FAKE-NEWS - 'iPhone 6 Phones Contaminated With Ebola Virus'
Circulating 'news' report claims that a number of iPhone 6's were contaminated with Ebola during manufacture and, as a result, there have been more than 21,000 confirmed cases of the virus worldwide.

© georgejmclittle

FAKE-NEWS - 'Ebola Vaccine Only Works on White People'
Report circulating via social media claims that the CDC has released a statement noting that a trial vaccine for the Ebola virus only works on people with white skin.


Ebola - Man in hazard suit