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8 Misleading Messages About Food and Health

At any one time, there are likely to be a great many health and food related 'tips' circulating via social media, email, and the blogosphere. While some are factual, others are outright hoaxes. Still others may contain a mixture of true and false information.

Here we list eight health and food messages that circulate continually. All contain misleading and inaccurate information.

  1. Flu Remedy Myth - Onions Absorb Viruses and Bacteria From a Room
    Message claims that leaving onions around a room can absorb the flu virus along with bacteria that cause other illnesses thereby preventing people from becoming sick.

  2. Spurious Health Claim - 'Asparagus Can Cure Cancer'
    Long circulated Internet message claims that pureed asparagus can cure cancer. The message cites several cases as examples. It claims that the information came from one Richard R. Vensal, D.D.S. and was printed in the 'Cancer News Journal' back in December 1979.

  3. Is Sour Sop a Cancer Killer 10,000 times Stronger Than Chemotherapy?
    Widely circulated message claims that sour sop, the fruit from the graviola tree, is a miraculous natural cancer killer that is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

  4. Spurious Health Tip - Onion on Feet to Take Away Illness
    Circulating health tip claims that placing raw onion on your feet can take away illness by absorbing toxins from the body. The message claims that onion placed on the bottom of your feet can gain direct access to your internal organs via "meridians" in your body.

  5. False Claim - Onions are Magnets for Bacteria
    Circulating health warning claims that raw or leftover onions are poisonous because they are magnets for bacteria and are therefore not safe to eat.

  6. Spurious First Aid Advice - Flour For Treatment of Burns
    Widely circulated message recommends covering burns with plain flour as a first aid treatment and claims that the 'miraculous' remedy will stop the burn from blistering.

  7. Is Lemon A Cancer Killer That is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy?
    Message purporting to be from the Institute of Health Sciences in Baltimore claims that lemon is a "miraculous product" that can kill cancer cells, is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy, and is "a proven remedy against cancers of all types".

  8. Spurious First Aid Advice Message - Eggs For Treatment of Burns
    Circulating message claims that egg white is a "healing miracle" for burns and should be applied to burns as an immediate first aid measure. The message also claims that firemen in training are taught to treat burns with egg whites and that applying egg white can regenerate burnt skin.



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Last updated: June 1, 2015
First published: 12 November 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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