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'Ignore if u Don't Care' Facebook Donations for Likes Hoax


Circulating Facebook message that features an image of an emaciated young man lying on a bed claims that Facebook will donate money to help the man whenever users like, share or comment on his picture. The message claims that the man is suffering from cancer.

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Brief Analysis

The message is a disgusting hoax. Facebook will certainly not donate money to help the man in exchange for liking, sharing or commenting. The hoax is nothing more than a callous attempt to fraudulently promote a particular Facebook Page. The photograph depicts an Algerian man named Mehalli Mokhtar who reportedly has a stomach illness that stops him from digesting food. The same image has been circulating since 2012 and has been used in other hoaxes. Liking, sharing or commenting on this message will help nobody other than the immoral Facebook user who created it.


Please Don't Ignore!
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Man Cancer Facebook Donate Like Hoax

Detailed Analysis

According to a post that is currently circulating rapidly on Facebook, you can help a seriously ill young man just by liking, sharing and commenting. The message includes a photograph that depicts a very emaciated young man lying on a bed. The post claims that Facebook will donate $1 for every like, $3 for every comment and $10 for every share. It begs users not to ignore the plea for help.

But the message is a disgusting hoax and participating will do nothing whatsoever to help the pictured man. Facebook will certainly not donate money to help in exchange for liking, sharing or commenting.

Like the seemingly endless array of similar hoaxes that have preceded it, the fake plea is designed to do nothing more than promote a particular Facebook Page. By tricking people into participating, the immoral user responsible for the hoax hopes to gain many more Page likes and have his or her Page further promoted across the network via shares and comments.

Whoever created the hoax message took the image from another source and reused it without permission. The photograph depicts a young Algerian man named Mehalli Mokhtar. Although information about Mehalli is a little sketchy, some sources report that he has a serious stomach illness that stops him from properly digesting food.

The same image has circulated in various contexts since 2012. It has also been misused in other Facebook hoaxes. An earlier version made the utterly absurd claim that 1 like for the picture somehow equated to ten prayers for the young man. As with this version, the message was designed only to drive traffic to a Facebook Page.

Some 2012 Turkish news reports suggest that Mehalli Mokhtar's picture was also used by a terrorist organization as a supposed illustration of a hunger strike protest.

Remember that any message that claims that Facebook or another company will donate money in exchange for liking, sharing or commenting is almost certainly a hoax. The immoral people who create hoaxes such as this have no place on our social networks. Please do not help these people by liking and sharing their material. Please do not comment either - even to expose them as scammers - as this simply drives the message further.

Instead, report the message to Facebook. Although Facebook's response to these hoaxes has been reprehensibly inadequate, reporting the hoaxes does occasionally help get them removed.

You can also help by ensuring that your friends are aware of such hoaxes and alerting them if they inadvertently share one.

Last updated: March 7, 2014
First published: March 7, 2014
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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