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Mozilla Firefox - For A Superior Web Browsing Experience

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is currently the most widely used browser on Earth. All things being equal, one could reasonably expect that this widespread popularity would be an accurate reflection of the product's merits. Unfortunately, "all things" are decidedly less than equal in the world of web browsers. The major reason that Internet Explorer is so popular is simply because it is pre-installed on Microsoft Windows based computers. Consequently, many new computer users surf the web with Internet Explorer from Day One of their browsing experience. Many do not even realize that there are viable, indeed significantly superior, alternative web browsers available.

However, one browser, Mozilla Firefox, is beginning to make a significant impact on IE's gigantic market share, and the product is highly deserving of this success. In my opinion, Firefox is simply the best web browser available today. It is streets ahead of Internet Explorer, and even edges out the excellent Opera in the web browsing stakes.

Here's why:

All in all, Mozilla Firefox is an outstanding web browser that I predict will continue to gain many more users and just keep getting better and better. Even if you are a stanch Internet Explorer supporter, you might like to download Firefox and give it a test drive. You may be pleasantly surprised.

What's more, Firefox is completely free!

Click the button to find out more about Firefox and download a copy.

Get Firefox!

Please note:
All software I recommend has been checked for spyware and viruses and has proven to be reasonably stable on my Microsoft Windows based computers. However, it is impossible to guarantee that any software I recommend will work as well for you as it has for me. There are just too many variables to make such a guarantee viable. Therefore, I cannot take any responsibility for problems that you may encounter due to the use of software that I have reviewed.

Review by Brett M. Christensen