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5 Current Facebook Scams To Watch Out For

Facebook is a perfect venue for scammers to distribute their malicious messages and find new victims. Here are five current Facebook scams to watch out for.

  1. VIDEO – Yet More “Free Range Rover” Scams Hitting Facebook
    New “Win a Free Range Rover” scams continue to appear on Facebook. We cover one of the latest versions of these survey scams in the following Hoax-Slayer YouTube video:

  2. “Free $275 Aldi Grocery Coupon” Facebook Scam
    Message being shared on Facebook claims that Aldi is giving away $275 grocery coupons to “everyone” as a means of celebrating its anniversary.

  3. VIDEO – “Account Disabled” Facebook Phishing Scams
    In this video, we cover phishing scams that falsely claim that your Facebook account has been disabled.

  4. Facebook ‘See Who Viewed Your Profile’ Scams – Rogue ‘Stalker’ Apps
    Various messages posted on Facebook claim that, by following a link and installing a Facebook application, you can see who has been viewing your Facebook Profile or find out who has been stalking you.

  5. “Get Free Samples From Kmart” Facebook Scam
    Circulating Facebook post claims that Australian ladies can click to get 2 free samples from Kmart. (Other versions claim to be from Chemist Warehouse and Costco).



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Last updated: November 13, 2016
First published: January 22, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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