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Giveaway Hoaxes - Page 2

In-N-Out Burger Discounted Food Hoax

Email claims that US fast-food chain In-N-Out Burgers will offer heavily discounted food on 22nd October 2008 to celebrate its 60th anniversary

Published: 9th October 2008

Free Fuel Offer From Shell Hoax

Email claims that Shell Australia is offering motorists up to $150 worth of free fuel during September 2008 via a printable coupon

Published: 16th September 2008

Fake $5 Off Target Coupons

Email forward claims that attached $5 off Target coupons can be printed and continually used until October 2008

Published: 4th July 2008

Email Request to Adopt Free Black Lab Puppies

Message claims that 6 black lab puppies rescued from a roadway are in desperate need of new homes

Published: 10th October 2007

IceLift Free Human Hibernation Email Forward

Email claims that recipients who forward the message to at least five other people have a chance to have their body frozen free for 50 years by new human cryogenics company, IceLift

Published: 1st October 2007

Bureau of Indian Affairs Email Beta Test Hoax

Message claims that the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Office of Special Trust are running an e-mail beta test and that participants will be paid just for forwarding emails

Published: 3rd August 2007

Marks & Spencer Voucher Giveaway Hoax

Message claims that Marks & Spencer and Persimmon Homes are giving away vouchers worth up to 500 for those who forward the email to others

Published: 5th June 2007

Microsoft Email Beta Test Hoax Continues

Revamped version of the Microsoft email beta test hoax includes "testimonies" and a bank account screenshot of supposed money received. The message claims that Microsoft will send money to anybody who forwards it to others.

Published: 17th April 2007

Ericsson Lap-Top Computer Giveaway Hoax

Message claims that Ericsson will give away a free laptop computer to those who send the message to 8 or more people.

Published: 8th March 2007

Free Champagne Hoax Email

Email claims that Veuve Clicquot France will send a free case of champagne to those who forward the message to 10 people.

Published: 26 February 2005

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