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Charlton Heston Gun Collection Photographs

Email claims that attached photographs show an extensive gun collection that belonged to the late actor, Charlton Heston (Full commentary below).

Genuine photographs - description is inaccurate

Example:(Submitted, June 2008)
Subject: The late Charlton Heston's Basement

Look what the late Charlton Heston had in his basement.......

Wow, what a collection!
No wonder he was the leader of the US. National Rifle Association.

Stern Cun Collection 1

Stern Cun Collection 2

Stern Cun Collection 3

Stern Cun Collection 4

Even with lots of money you have to leave your toys behind.

According to this message, which circulates via email and has also been posted to a number of firearms related forums and blogs, the attached photographs show a massive gun collection stored in the basement of a house owned by the late actor Charlton Heston.

Although the photographs themselves are genuine, they did not belong to Charlton Heston as claimed. Credible information that I have received suggests that the collection actually belongs to another gun collector, Robert L Starer of the Historic Arms Corporation, Virginia.

Many commentators have also suggested that the gun collection might have belonged to the late Bruce Stern. Mr Stern was a lifelong military and gun collector. An attorney and Vietnam veteran, he was involved in a number of military and firearms related organizations. He was a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) Board of Directors. Mr Stern passed away in July, 2007.

The Stern gun collection became famous among firearms enthusiasts, but it is doubtful that the collection of guns in the above photographs actually belonged to him. As noted above, evidence suggests that the collection is that of Robert L Starer.

Although the gun collection featured in the photographs did not belong to Charlton Heston, the late actor was a passionate gun rights supporter and served as president and spokesman of the NRA from 1998 until 2003. He died in April 2008.

Misidentification of ownership aside, these photographs certainly reveal a truly remarkable collection.

The late great Charleton Heston's Basement
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Charlton Heston

Last updated: 16th June 2008
First published: 16th June 2008

Write-up by Brett M. Christensen

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