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Email Request for Hospital Patient Identification Tags

Email claims that Arthur Jones of NSW Australia wants to create the world's largest collection of hospital patient identification tags. The email requests that recipients around the world send unwanted tags to a specified address (Full commentary below).


Example:(Submitted, September 2006)

My name is Arthur Jones, I live just south of Sydney Australia and I have a strange request to make of you. I recently underwent fairly drastic abdominal surgery, and now am recovering well with a fairly good prognosis. In Hospital I had time to think of my own mortality (yes I am mortal), but I'm no Steve Irwin or Peter Brock (millions are not going to miss me when the time comes (20-30 yrs from now hopefully), but I would like to leave something behind and in following my granddaughter's standard comment "You're weird Grandad", I've decided weird is the way to go. I want to get into the Guinness book of records for the worlds largest collection of HOSPITAL PATIENT IDENTIFICATION TAGS , you know the kind of thing they strap on you when you go in for an in-grown toenail, so you do not come out with a vasectomy. So please if you can send them in, possibly with a brief explanation or story. Hopefully I'll get them from all over the world So I, you or any one you know has one of these or is about to get one - when they are finished with it could they please send it to me.

Arthur Jones
67 Campbellfield Ave
Bradbury NSW
2560 Australia

NEXT - Could you now please forward this to as many contact as you feel you can. Remember failure to do so will result in absolutely nothing bad happening to you.(After all every chain letter must have a curse - it's the rule isn't it) Thanks in advance for your help, if anyone is interested, drop me a line in 6 months to see how the project id growing/going.

The information in this email forward is true. Mr Arthur Jones of NSW, Australia is indeed attempting to collect hospital patient identification tags. I have contacted Mr Jones and I can confirm that the request is legitimate. Mr Jones reports that he has already had some interest in the project and he is hoping to receive a lot of tags for his collection.

Last updated: 28th September 2006
First published: 28th September 2006

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen