Survey Scam - 'Malfunctioning Online Store Giving Free iPads'

Message distributed on Facebook claims that an online store is malfunctioning because they forgot to include a payment page and customers are therefore receiving free iPads as a result.

'Toasted Skin Syndrome' From Laptop Warning

Health warning circulating in the form of a graphic claims that using a laptop computer across your legs can cause a heat related condition known as "toasted skin syndrome" that may lead to skin cancer.

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Free PlayStation 4 For Testers Survey Scam

Messages being distributed on Facebook claim that Sony is looking for people to test the new PlayStation 4 and that they will get to keep the test PlayStation so long as they like a Facebook Page and share the post.

Missing Girl Laura Clark Has now Been Found

Circulating social media messages ask users to watch out from missing UK teenager Laura Clark.

Goole Yorkshire Coloured Stickers Dog Fighting Hoax

Message circulating via social media posts and the blogosphere warn dog owners that a dog fighting gang is stealing dogs from households around Goole, Yorkshire and other areas of the UK. According to the posts, gang members are marking houses where dogs live with coloured stickers so that the dogs can be later stolen.

KFC 'Genetically Manipulated Organisms' Hoax

Messages claims that fast-food outlet KFC changed its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken because it uses genetically manipulated organisms rather than real chickens and therefore cannot legally use the word "chicken" in its name. As evidence, the message cites a "recent study" conducted by the University of New Hampshire.

False Claim - Colour of Squares on Tubes Denotes Chemical Content

Circulating message claims that consumers can tell the chemical makeup of tube contents just by checking the colour of a small square at the bottom of the packaging.

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Xbox 720 Bogus Facebook Giveaway

Message being distributed on Facebook claims that users can have the chance to win an Xbox 720 by liking and sharing a promotional image and liking an associated Facebook Page.

Delta Air Lines Passenger Itinerary Receipt Malware Emails

Email purporting to be from Delta Air Lines provides details of a supposed ticket purchase and instructs recipients to follow a link or open an attached file to review flight information.

Perth Dog Fighting Gang 'Coloured Stickers' Hoax

Messages going viral via Social Media outlets warn dog owners that a dog fighting gang is stealing dogs from households in Perth, Western Australia. The messages claim gang members are marking houses where dogs live with coloured stickers so that the dogs can be later stolen.

Kidney Stealing Hoax

Message warns that medically trained criminals are stealing kidneys from living victims to sell on the black market. According to the warning, victims awake in a bathtub full of ice to discover that their kidneys have been removed.

Misleading Warning about Missed Calls From +375 and +371 Numbers

Message circulating via SMS, social media and email warns you not to return missed calls from numbers starting with +375 or +371 because you will be charged between $15 and $30 for each returned call and your contact list and financial information will be instantly stolen from your phone.

BT Yahoo 'Final Warning' Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be a "Final Warning" from BT Yahoo claims that users must immediately click a link to verify their account before they can receive pending emails.

Lakeside Attempted Abduction Warning

Social media driven message describes an incident at Lakeside in which a woman allegedly tried to take a young child away from her grandmother. The message suggests that the woman may have been working with a gang that is trying to snatch children.

Circulating Post Claims US Charity CEO’s Overpaid

In a newly pictorial format, the post presents what it claims are the salaries of the CEO’s of some well-known US based charitable organizations.

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Bill Gates $5000 Giveaway Hoax

Circulating photograph depicts Bill Gates holding a sign that claims he will give $5000 to every user who shares his picture on Facebook.

Friend Request Facebook Ban Warning - 'Facebook Jail'

Circulating Facebook post warns that users are getting suspended or banned from Facebook because people they have sent friend requests to have clicked "No" in response to the question "Do you know this person?"

Bogus Warning - 'Talking Angela' Threat to Children

Circulating warning claims that a site called "Talking Angela" is collecting personal information from children and taking their photographs without notice.

Amber Teething Necklaces - Suspect SIDS 'Warning'

Circulating social media message makes a connection between SIDS and amber teething necklaces. The message cites a case in which the SIDS related death of a baby in NSW was found by the coroner to be associated with use of the necklaces.

Rihanna 'S3X' Tape Survey Scam Messages Hit Facebook

Messages spreading via Facebook comments promise clickers salacious footage of popular singing star Rihanna and her boyfriend.

Facebook Page 'Violation of Terms' Phishing Scam

Inbox message purporting to be from "Mark Zurckerberg" claims that the user's Facebook Page has violated the Facebook Terms of Service and may be permanently deleted unless the account is verified by clicking a link in the message.

Justin Bieber did NOT Die in a Car Crash

Message circulating via social media claims that popular young singing star Justin Bieber has died in a car accident.