Gun Owner Vehicle Tagging Hoax

Circulating warning claims that criminal gangs are tagging gun owner vehicles with dots, check marks or coloured stickers so that guns can be later stolen.

Carol's Story - Dating Scam

Carol was almost scammed by a man she met on a Christian dating site. The scammer claimed that he attended her church but was currently working overseas building an oil platform.

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Phishing Scams

Message Calls For Boycott of Starbucks For Its 'Attack on Traditional Marriage'

Circulating protest message claims that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz told a shareholder to sell his shares if he supported traditional marriage and that people who are for traditional marriage cannot buy shares in the company. The message calls for a boycott of the company due to their "far left radical" attack on traditional marriage.

Child Porn Ransomware Warning

Circulating message warns users about a type of virus that locks files on the infected computer and threatens to inform the police that the victim has been downloading child porn if he or she does not pay a fee to have incriminating files removed.

HS Digest

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Issue 42

Use Left Ear For Mobile Phone Hoax

Message supposedly endorsed by the "Apollo medical team", claims that mobile (cell) phone users should always use the left ear for calls because using the right ear will directly affect the brain. A later version, which circulates as a graphic, omits the medical team reference but maintains that using the right ear for mobile phone calls makes our brains more prone to mobile radiation.

Bogus Warning White Transit Van 'RH57 WSU' Trying To Steal Dogs

Message circulating virally via social media posts and email warns that a white transit van with the registration 'RH57 WSU' has been seen trying to steal dogs in various locations in the UK and elsewhere.

Urban Legend - Couple Arrested at Airport with Dead Baby Stuffed With Drugs

Circulating message claims that police who detained a young couple with a baby at a Las Vegas airport discovered that the baby was dead and that its body had been packed with illegal drugs.

ACH Processing Service Malware Email

Message purporting to be from the Automated Clearing House (ACH) claims that a file submitted by a user has been successfully processed and invites recipients to click a link to read more information about the large sum transactions listed.

Baby With Bong Protest Message

Facebook message that features a young woman holding a bong to a baby's mouth asks users to spread the photo so that the woman will not regain custody of the child.

Angolan Witch Spider - Giant Spider Hoax

Viral message claims that an attached image depicts a huge "Angolan Witch Spider" photographed on the side of a house in Texas.

Fake CNN Emails About Pope Point to Malware

Emails purporting to be CNN notifications suggest that recipients click a link to read articles relating to the pope.

Bogus Health Warning - Scratch Card 'Silver Nitro Oxide' Coating Causes Skin Cancer

Message warns people not to use fingernails to scratch off the coating on scratch tickets because the coating contains a substance called "Silver Nitro oxide" that can cause skin cancer.

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Linda Singh - Blackberry Money for Forwarding Hoax

Text message claims that smart phone company Blackberry will help fund medical expenses for a seriously ill girl named Linda Singh by donating 10 cents every time the text is forwarded.

Hoax - 'Punjab Rape Festival'

Circulating message claims that an annual event called the Punjab Rape Festival starts in India "this week".

Beware - 'Unsealed' Product Giveaways on Facebook

Various Pages on Facebook claim to be giving away expensive products such as iPads, smart phones and beauty products because they are unsealed and therefore cannot be sold. Participants are instructed to "like" the Page and share a photo to earn a chance to receive one of the free products.

DHL Notification Malware Email

Emails purporting to be from international mail delivery service DHL claim that a parcel has been sent to the recipient or that a parcel could not be delivered due to an addressing error. The messages advise the recipient to open an attached file to view a parcel tracking number and access more information about the delivery or print out a delivery label.