Citibank Paymentech Billing Statement Malware Emails

Email purporting to be from Citibank Paymentech invites recipients to open an attached file to view a Merchant Billing Statement.

Bear Grylls Producer Snakebite Foot Injury Picture

Social media message featuring an image depicting a severe foot injury claims that the injury was the result of a snakebite suffered by Stephen Rankin a producer of the Bear Grylls television series.

Fire Top Twenty Five Luis Torres

'I'm Not Asking You to Like This' - Yet Another Sick Baby Donations For Sharing Hoax

Facebook message featuring an image of a severely malnourished child claims that Facebook will donate $1 every time the image is shared on the network.

Email Exceeded Storage Limit Phishing Scam

Email claims that the user's email account has exceeded its storage limit and instructs him or her to reply with the account username and password in order to restore full functionality.

Is the US Department of Defense/Pentagon/Obama Going to Court-Martial Christians?

Nothing brings out extremes in rhetoric quite like discussions centering on religion.

Warning Message About False Widow Spider in UK

Social media driven message warns UK residents that venom from a spider called the False Widow that is now in the UK can cause amputations if bites are not properly treated.

'Wire Transfer Canceled' Malware Email

Email purporting to be from the US Federal Reserve claims that a wire transfer sent from the recipient's bank account was not processed and that details about the transfer can be viewed in an attached file.

BMW Advance Fee Prize Scam

Email purporting to be from car maker BMW claims that the recipient has won 450,000 pounds and a BMW in an "international promotion program" run by the company.

Becoming a Father or Mother Facebook Group Pedophile Warning Hoax

Message circulating on Facebook warns users not to join the group titled "becoming a father or mother was the greatest gift of my life" because it is operated by a group of pedophiles intent on accessing your Facebook photographs.

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Issue 44

Facebook Proposed Video Ads Message

Message purporting to be from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg claims that the network is considering implementing new video ads that will run automatically every ten minutes and stop people from using Facebook until they are finished running. The message claims that users can share the message to register their opposition to the proposed video ads.

Facebook Profile Viewer Scam

Message being spammed across Facebook claims that users can follow a link to install an app that allows them to check who has been viewing their profile.

Facebook Page Hacker Warning Message - "Visit The New Facebook" Links

Message warns users that have a Page on Facebook to watch out for links with the words "Visit The New Facebook" or "Tour of New Facebook" because following such links will allow a hacker to steal their information and remove them from their own page.

Golden Zebra Photograph

Circulating image depicts a rare golden zebra with bright blue eyes.

Facebook 'Account May Not Be Authentic' Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be from Facebook claims that the recipient's Facebook account is to be blocked because the account may not be authentic. The recipient is instructed to click a link to reconfirm the account within 24 hours and is warned that failing to reconfirm will result in permanent removal of the account.

Tick Removal Advice - Liquid Soap Technique

Message advises that the best way to remove a tick is to cover it with liquid soap and wait for it to detach itself.

Craigslist Overpayment Scam Warning Message

Message circulating on Facebook describes a Craigslist user's experience with an an overpayment scam and warns other users to watch out for such criminal tactics.

Telstra Bill Account Update Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Australian telecommunications provider, Telstra, claims that the company has detected a billing error or was unable to process a recent payment and the recipient is therefore required to click a link and update billing information or risk interruption to service.

Google Maps 'Murder Scene'

Circulating message claims that an attached image taken from Google Maps may depict a grisly murder scene on a wooden jetty complete with blood trail. The message urges users to quickly go to the specified map coordinates to zoom in and view the scene before Google removes it.

Fake Cover-More Insurance Emails Carry Malware

Email purporting to be a policy purchase notification from Australian travel insurance provider Cover-More urges recipients to open an attached .zip file to view a Certificate of Insurance.

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Circulating Picture Falsely Claims to Show Eight Year Old Boston Bombing Victim

Message circulating rapidly via Facebook claims that authorities are carrying out DNA tests on a New Zealand girl who closely resembles missing British child Madeleine McCann.

Madeleine McCann New Zealand Lookalike Facebook Post

Message circulating rapidly via Facebook claims that authorities are carrying out DNA tests on a New Zealand girl who closely resembles missing British child Madeleine McCann.

Burundanga Business Card Drug Warning

Circulating warning claims that criminals are attempting to incapacitate women in order to rob or rape them by handing them business cards laced with a powerful drug called Burundanga.

William's Story - Stranded Friend Begging Message Scam

William was tricked into giving his credit card details to criminals. The scammers sent a message purporting to be from a good friend of William's that claimed that the friend had been robbed and needed help to get home.

Misleading and Inaccurate Diatribe - 'Toning Down' Anzac Day 2015

Bitter and inflammatory political diatribe claims that Australia's Federal government is intent on toning down the Anzac Day 2015 centenary because the event may offend immigrants to Australia.

'Rarest Meteor Shower' - April 22, 2013

Message circulating via social media claims that on the night of April 22, 2013, people on Earth will have a chance to view one of the rarest meteor showers, with thousands of "shooting stars" visible in the night sky.

NatWest 'Inadequate Security Enrollment' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from UK bank NatWest, claims that the recipient's online banking has been disabled due to "Inadequate security enrollment" or a login error. The recipient is instructed to click a link to login to reactive the account.

Hoax - Indian Woman Gives Birth to Eleven Babies at Once

Circulating message claims that a woman in India has just broken the world record after giving birth to eleven babies at once. The message includes a photograph depicting eleven babies with a medical team.