Doors Keyboardist Ray Manzarek Dies

Messages circulating via social media claim that Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for iconic band, The Doors, has passed away from cancer.

Costa Rica Turtle Egg Harvest Protest Email

Email that call for a stop to a supposed "attack against nature" on the beaches of Costa Rica claims that a series of attached photographs depict crowds of people digging up and stealing turtle eggs that they will later sell.

Wolf Spider Hoax Slayer issue 45

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Does Drinking Water at Certain Times Of The Day Maximize Its Health Benefits?

Message purporting to be from a cardiac specialist claims that drinking water at specified times of the day can help activate organs, aid digestion, lower blood pressure and stop people from suffering strokes or heart attacks.

Another Facebook Nonsense Post - Share to Help Baby With Brain Disorder or Brain Tumor

Email purporting to be a "Customer Satisfaction Survey" from Australian supermarket chain, Woolworths claims that the recipient can receive a $50 gift certificate just for clicking a link and participating in a short 5 question survey.

'Uniform Traffic Ticket' Malware Email

Email claiming to be a notification of a traffic ticket for speeding from the New York State Police urges the recipient to print out the ticket contained in an attached file and post it to the Town Court.

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Issue 45

Eminem was NOT Stabbed

Message circulating via social media claims that rapper Eminem has been stabbed four times and urges recipients to click a link to view a video of the stabbing.

Facebook Like-Farming Scams

An increasing number of bogus Pages appearing on Facebook are designed to do nothing more than artificially increase their popularity by tricking users into "liking" them. This tactic has come to be known as "like-farming". The goal of these unscrupulous like-farmers is to increase the value of Facebook Pages so that they can be sold on the black market to other scammers and/or used to market dubious products and services and distribute further scams.

ANZ 'Quick 3-Question Survey' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from ANZ claims that recipients can have $35 credited to their accounts just for opening an attached file and filling in a brief survey.

Yet Another Deplorable Sick Baby Hoax

Post claims that parents canít afford treatment for infant injured in car accident, and liking/sharing will equate to donations.

'Facebook Online International Lottery' Advance Fee Scam

Email purporting to be from Facebook claims that the recipient has won $950,000 in the annual Facebook Online International Lottery and should contact the Facebook "disbursement department" to claim the prize.

Messages Warn of 'Deadly Giant Snails' In Texas

Circulating messages warn that deadly giant snails have been found in Houston, Texas.

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Was an image of a Weird 'Half Cat' Captured by Google Street View?

An image going viral via social media supposedly depicts a strange half cat creature with only two legs and no ears caught in action by Google Street View cameras

No, A Facebook Page is NOT Stealing Baby Photos of People Who Have 'Baby' On Their Walls

A flurry of breathless Facebook messages warn users that a Facebook Page is automatically stealing baby photos from anyone that has the word "baby" written on their Facebook Walls or images and compiling the photos into one place.

Were Cages Placed Over Graves in Victorian Times to Trap the Undead?

Circulating message that features an image depicting a grave covered by a sturdy iron cage claims that the cages were used in Victorian times to keep vampires and zombies from escaping should they rise from the dead.

Water Bottle Car Fire Warning

Message warns that a water bottle left inside a car on a sunny day could ignite the upholstery and start a fire.