Giant Snake on Digging Machine Image

Circulating message claims that an attached photograph depicts a massive 700 lb snake hanging on the boom of a digging machine. According to the message, the snake was pulled from a lake in Proctor, North Carolina.

Ticketmaster 'Ticket Order Confirmation' Scam Emails

Email purporting to be from event ticket provider, Ticketmaster claims to be a "ticket order confirmation" for a recent ticket purchase. The message claims that details of the ticket purchase can be found in an attached file.

Hoax Slayer News Digest 46 - True Emails Victor Correia

Black Muslim in the White House Virus Hoax

Message warns that an email attachment named "Black Muslim in the White House" or "Black in the White House" contains a damaging computer virus that can destroy the hard drive of the infected computer.

Super Moon June 23, 2013

Messages circulating on Facebook claim that a "Super Moon" will occur on June 23, 2013 and ask users to spread the word so that others can also enjoy the event.

UPS 'Parcel Has Been Found' Malware Email

Email purporting to be from UPS claims that a parcel lost in the Christmas rush has now been found and sent. The email contains a link that supposedly opens a shipment label for the parcel.

System32 Virus Hoax

The message is a nasty - and potentially damaging - hoax. System32 is not a virus and is not harmful. In fact, System32 is an important Windows operating system folder. If you delete the System32 folder, your computer will no longer work and you will need to reinstall the operating system.

NAB Survey Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be from the National Australia Bank (NAB) claims that customers can earn a reward of $100 by clicking a link and filling in an online form.

Dubai Sewage System - Poop Truck Video

Circulating message that features a YouTube video depicting seemingly endless lines of sewage trucks in Dubai claims that the trucks are necessary because the city does not have a sewage system that can service all of its new buildings.

HS Digest

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Issue 46

Vodafone Tax Refund Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from phone service provider Vodafone claims that recipients are eligible to receive a tax refund and should click a link to access an online refund form.

Vodafone System Update Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from phone service provider Vodafone claims that, due to a new system update, customers must click a link to login and confirm their email address.

Impaled Boy Facebook Like Farming Hoax

Message featuring an image of a young boy impaled by an iron rod claims that CNN and Facebook have agreed to donate money to help pay the boy's medical expenses each and every time his picture is liked, shared or commented on. The message claims that Facebook and CNN will donate $20 per like, $50 per comment and $100 per share.

SunTrust Bank Phishing Scam Email

Email purporting to be an Activity Summary from US based bank SunTrust claims that the recipient's contact information has been updated and that he or she can click a link to view the updates.

Westpac 'Quick Survey' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Australia's Westpac Bank claims that the recipient can have a reward of up to $100 credited to their account in exchange for clicking a link or opening an attachment and filling in a short survey.

Cold Water Causes Cancer Warning Message - Warm Water and Heart Attacks

Message claims that drinking cold water after a meal will solidify "oily stuff" present in the food consumed and will lead to cancer. A new version recommends drinking warm water with meals and tacks on unrelated information about heart attacks.

Facebook Account Locked Due to Malware Warning

Message circulating on Facebook warns users not to click on a popup window advising that their Facebook account has been temporarily locked because malware has been detected on their computer. According to the message, clicking "continue" on the popup will install a virus that will wipe out the user's computer.

Webmail Account Phishing Scam

Emails claim that recipients must confirm or re-validate their account by clicking a link or opening an attachment and providing username and password details or their webmail account will be permanently closed.

'European Financial Surveillance Union' Advance Fee Scam

Message purporting to be from an entity called the "European Financial Surveillance Union" claims that a "payment verdict" has been reached and that funds previously promised to the recipient but never sent will now finally be payed via an immediate cash delivery.

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Jane's Story - Dating Scam

A scammer who claimed that he had a contract to build a bridge in the UK tried to trick Jane into handing over her banking details, supposedly so that he could use it to deposit a large sum of money into her account.

Tanner Dwyer Friend Request Hacker Hoax

Circulating social media message warns users that accepting friend requests from Tanner Dwyer, Christopher Butterfield, Stefania Colac or Alejando Spiljner can allow hackers to access your computer and steal personal information.

Baby With Mermaid Syndrome - Yet Another Like-Farming Sick Baby Hoax

Facebook message featuring an image of a child with her legs fused together being attended to by a surgeon claims that Facebook and CNN will pay $20 per like, $50 per comment and $100 per share to help pay the child's medical expenses.

Nora's Story - Dating Scam

Nora was scammed out of several thousand Euro by a man who claimed to be a contractor working on a large project in Ghana.

Facebook 'Fan Page Verification Program' Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be from Facebook Security claims that a new security feature called the "Fan Page Verification Program" is being implemented and that Page owners must click a link and choose a ten digit security code to complete the process. Recipients are warned that their Page will be suspended permanently if the process is not completed by May 30, 2013.

Knob Face (or Koobface) Trojan Worm Virus Warning Message

Message spreading via Facebook warns about a "trojan worm virus" called Knob Face or Koobface and advisers recipients to avoid adding a user called "Smartgirl 15". It also warns users to watch out for links labeled "Barack Obama Clinton scandal".

Lottery Scammers Exploit Names of Real Lottery Winners Violet and Allen Large

Email purporting to be from Canadian Lottery winners Violet and Allen Large claims that the couple has decided to donate $2 million of their winnings to the recipient. The message asks the recipient to contact the couple via email to find out more details about the donation.