Bomb Detection Dog Like-Farming Scam

Facebook message featuring a picture depicting a funeral service for a bomb detection dog that saved many lives during a terrorist attack in India, claims that users can show respect for the fallen canine by liking the image.

Facebook Shoes Like-Farming Scam

Facebook Page claims that you can win one of 3289 pairs of Facebook branded Adidas shoes just by sharing an image of the shoes.

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Jackie Chan is NOT Dead

Message circulating via social media claims that popular actor Jackie Chan died after falling from a building during a stunt.

Facebook Deleting Inactive Users Hoax

Messages claim that Facebook is becoming overpopulated and that members who do not send the information to others within two weeks will have their accounts deleted.

Like-Farming Giveaway Scam Pretends to be Official Argos Facebook Page

Facebook Page, which masquerades as the official Page for UK retail store Argos, claims that that users who share a photo and like the Page can win a 47 inch HD TV.

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Naked Mole Rats Not Susceptible To Cancer.

Message circulating via social media claims that naked mole rats are immune to cancer and that scientists have identified the molecule that provides this immunity.

Christopher or Jessica Davies Hacker Hoax Warning

Message warns recipients not to accept a friend request from Christopher Davies or Jessica Davies because they are hackers who can gain access to your computer and the computers of your friends as well.

Advance Fee Scam - Google 15th Anniversary Awards

Message purporting to be from Google claims that the "email owner" has won eight hundred thousand British pounds in the Google 15th Anniversary Awards.

Does a Viral Picture Show a Giant Snake That Swallowed a Woman in South Africa?

Message going viral on social media claims that a giant snake swallowed a woman near Durban North, South Africa in June 2013. The message includes a photograph of a large python and claims that the picture was taken by Linda Laina Nyatoro, a South African reporter who witnessed the incident.

HM Revenue & Customs 'Unclaimed Refund' Phishing Scam

Email, purporting to be from the UK's HM Revenue & Customs, advises that the recipient is yet to claim a tax refund and should click a link to submit a tax refund request.

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Garbled Facebook Message Warns of 'New FB Cloning Scam'

Message circulating on Facebook warns users of a "new fb cloning scam" in which scammers pretend to be you and ask your friends to send them money.

No, Microwaving your Smart Phone Will NOT Charge Its Battery

Circulating message claims that placing your smart phone in a microwave for one minute will fully charge its battery.

Bogus Warning - Don't Flash Headlights Gang Initiation

Message purporting to be from security company Chubb warns drivers not to flash their headlights at any cars driving with no lights on. The message claims that, as part of a gang initiation, gang members will chase any car that flashes them and shoot and kill all of the cars occupants.

Perfume Email Hoax

Circulating messages claim that criminals lurking in parking areas are using drugs disguised as perfume to debilitate and rob victims.