Hoax Warning Claims Deadly Swine Flu Epidemic in South Africa

An Afrikaans language message circulating rapidly via email and social media claims that 65 people have died and 25 women have miscarried in recent months due to an outbreak of a deadly strain of Swine Flu.

Australian Government Withdrawing Funds From Inactive Accounts Warning

Circulating message warns that the Australian Federal Government can now take money from bank accounts that have had no deposits and withdrawals for three years because such accounts are deemed inactive.

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'Facebook Has Sent You a Message' Pharmacy Spam

Seemingly official email purporting to be from Facebook Support, asks you to click a link to receive a message.

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company 'Grant Compensation' Advance Fee Scam

Message purporting to be from the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company claims that the recipient has won $890,000 in the company's 2013 "grant compensation" draw and need only tender an insurance fee of $141 to claim the prize.

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Does a Viral Image Depict a Monkey Saving a Puppy From An Explosion?

Circulating message claims that an attached picture shows a monkey saving a small puppy from a factory explosion in China.

Advance Fee Scammers Using Cloned FB Accounts To Gain Victims

A description of how advance fee scammers are using cloned Facebook profiles to find new victims.

South African 'Mighty Men' Conferences Racial Integration Hoax

Circulating message claims that South Africa's ANC has proposed a bill that would force the organizers of the popular Christian "Mighty Men" conferences to ensure that 70% of conference tickets were sold to native Africans in a move to advance racial integration.

Did Samsung Pay a $1 Billion Fine to Apple in 5 Cent Coins?

Message circulating via social media claims that Samsung paid a 1 billion dollar patent infringement penalty to Apple in 5 cent coins delivered in more than 30 trucks.

Browser and Operating System Survey Scam

Links in various spam emails point to a website that claims that recipients cam win an expensive prize in exchange for filling in an "opinion survey" about the browser and operating system that they are using.

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Circulating Message Falsely Accuses Pictured Man of Being a Human Trafficker

Circulating message that features a picture of a man sitting in a car claims that the man is a very dangerous human trafficker who preys on young children and single women and you should alert the police if you see him.

Overblown Facebook Warning About "Place of Birth" Game

Circulating Facebook message warns users not to play the "place of birth" game because the answer is one of your banking security questions and can be used by criminals to steal your identity and access your bank accounts.

Bank of Montreal 'Customer Satisfaction Survey' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from the Bank of Montreal (BMO) claims that it is conducting a customer survey and will credit $180 to the accounts of those willing to participate.

Do Images show a Brazilian Man Who Had Surgery to Get a Dog's Face?

Circulating messages claim that a series of included images depict a man in Brazil who had a dog's snout, eyebrows and ears surgically implanted onto his own face.