WhatsApp 'Servers Really Full' Hoax

Message claims that smartphone instant messaging application WhatsApp needs its users to re-send the same message to everyone on their contact lists to prove that they are active users because the company's "servers have recently been really full". The message warns that the accounts of users who do not send on the information will become inactive.

Nichole Morgan Friend Request Hacker Hoax

Circulating social media message warns users not to accept a friend request from a person named Nichole Morgan because accepting her will allow her to hack your computer. The message includes a photograph of the alleged hacker.

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BT Yahoo! Mail 'Classic Version Closing' Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be from BT Yahoo warns recipients that the classic version of the BT Yahoo! email system is closing and users must click a link to upgrade to the new system. Users are warned that their email will no longer work if they fail to upgrade.

X Factor Australia Like Farming Scam

Facebook Page purporting to be the X Factor Australia fan page claims that users who like the Page and share a promotional image can win 1 of 250 iMac computers.

Giant Rabbit Photographs

Circulating photographs show an extremely large rabbit being held up by its owner.

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Costco Voucher Giveaway Like-Farming and Survey Scam

Circulating Facebook messages claim that users can get a $500 voucher from Costco by liking and sharing a picture, posting a comment and clicking a link.

Warning - Grapes and Raisins Toxic to Dogs And Cats

Circulating message warns that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs and cats.

Circulating Warning Claims Antiperspirants Cause Breast Cancer

Long circulated message claims that antiperspirants are the leading cause of breast cancer because they stop toxins from being removed in sweat and instead deposit the toxins in the lymph nodes.

Gareth & Catherine Bull Advance Fee Lottery Scam

Email purporting to be from UK lottery winners Gareth & Catherine Bull claims that the couple has decided to donate 1.5 million to ten people as part of a charity project and that the recipient is one of those selected.

Does a Viral Video Really Depict a Snowfall in the Philippines?

Video going viral via YouTube and social media posts claims to show a bizarre and unprecedented snowfall in the Philippines.

Wellness Company Woolies Voucher Hoax

Email claims that the Wellness Company is giving away 250 Woolworths (South Africa) vouchers to those who forward the email to five ladies.

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Qantas 'E-Ticket Itinerary Receipt' Malware Email

Email purporting to be from Australian based airline Qantas claims that recipients can view an 'E-Ticket Itinerary Receipt' by opening an attached file.

The Tale of Pastor Jeremiah Steepek and the Homeless Man

Circulating message tells the tale of a newly appointed pastor who posed as a homeless man before meeting his congregation for the first time. The message features a photograph that it claims shows Pastor Steepek dressed as the homeless man.

American Express 'Online Security Service Notification' Phishing Scam

Email claiming to be from American Express informs recipients that they must click a link to update online banking account information because new security measures are being imposed.

Dell Computer Giveaway Survey and Like Farming Scam

Message circulating on Facebook claims that users can receive a free Dell computer just by liking a Facebook Page and participating in an online survey.