Mars, Earth - Closest Approach in Recorded History

Message claims that Earth and Mars will have the closest approach in recorded history in August and will be a spectacular sight for stargazers.

Deaths From Free Perfume Samples Hoax

Messages circulating via Facebook, SMS and email claim that seven women have died after inhaling free perfume samples sent to them in the mail.

HS News Digest 52 Janaka Dharmasena

Image of Dog Heads On Supermarket Shelf

Message that features an image of what appears to show plastic wrapped dog heads displayed on a supermarket shelf claims that the Chinese have applied to have frozen dog heads imported for human consumption. Another version claims that the picture shows dog heads for sale in a Shoprite Shopping Mall in a Nigerian state.

Has Sylvester Stallone Announced That He Has Surrendered His Life To Christ?

Circulating message claims that actor Sylvester Stallone publicly announced a few days ago that he had "surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ". The message suggests that the announcement was not given media coverage because "it has no rating, it pays no publicity and it is politically dangerous".

'Unclaimed Tesco Voucher' Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be from Tesco claims that the recipient is eligible to receive 2000 pounds worth of unclaimed Tesco vouchers.

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Is Facebook Removing A Picture Depicting A Breast Cancer Survivor's Tattooed Chest?

Circulating message claims that, due to its rules on nudity, Facebook keeps removing an image showing the intricately tattooed chest of a breast cancer survivor who had a double mastectomy.

ATO Tax Refund Malware Emails

Email purporting to be from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) claims that the recipient is eligible for a tax refund and should open an attached .zip file containing a Microsoft Word document for further details.

Facebook Message Warns Cutest Baby Comp Images Being Used on Sex Slave Site

Viral Facebook message warns that baby photographs entered into a Cutest Baby competition via a UK website are being reposted on another website "to be sold as sex slaves".

Kidnapped Hakken Boys Are Now Home Safe and Well

Circulating message asks users to watch out for missing boys Cole and Chase Hakken.

Message Warns Of Requests for Photos Of Babies With Nappies Open

Circulating social media message warns that a woman who frequents baby groups is asking users to send photographs of their babies with nappies open as part of a research project.

Six Flags Free Season Tickets Like-Farming Scam

Message being distributed on Facebook claims that Six Flags theme parks are giving away free season tickets to Facebook users who like and share a promotional image and click a link to claim their prize.

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Boob Melons Hoax 'Vietnamese Gourd or Pumpkin' Images

Circulating message that features a series of images depicting objects shaped like human female breasts claims that the objects are gourds or pumpkins that grow naturally in Vietnam.

Faux Images - Mermaid Skeleton

Message circulating via social media feature photographs of what appears to be a mermaid skeleton being excavated by archaeologists.

A 'Yes' Vote in an Upcoming Australian Referendum Will NOT Result in Sharia Law Being Implemented

Message exhorts Australian citizens to vote "NO" in an upcoming referendum to recognize local government in the constitution because a "YES" vote will mean that Muslims living in a local area can demand that Sharia law be implemented.

Bank of America 'Transaction is Completed' Malware Emails

Emails purporting to be from Bank of America claim that a transaction has been completed and that a large sum of money has been successfully transferred. The message claims that a payment receipt is included in an attached file.