Obama Muslim Stamp - USPS Muslim Holiday Stamp Release Protest Message

Message claims that US President Obama has directed the US Postal Service to release a new stamp that honours the Muslim Eid holiday season. The message calls for a boycott of the stamp.

Pickup Truck Bus Crash Texting Warning Message

Circulating social media message featuring a photograph depicting a pickup truck crumpled between a large truck and a bus claims that the young driver of the pickup was texting just prior to the fatal accident.

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No, Facebook Is NOT Removing Veteran Amputee Images

Circulating message claims that Facebook is removing images depicting veteran amputees because the images are considered offensive and against Facebook's Community Standards.

'Email Account Pending Deactivation' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from the "Mail Administrator" claims that the user's email account is pending deactivation and will be terminated within 24 hours if the user does not click a link to sign in and update the account.

NatWest 'Bonus Reward' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from UK bank NatWest, claims that the recipient's account has been selected to receive a bonus. The recipient is instructed to click a link to confirm identity and claim the bonus.

No, Radiation from Fukushima has NOT Killed Hundreds of Whales

Circulating message couched as a news report claims that hundreds of whales have been killed by radiation from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. The report features a photograph showing dead whales on a beach.

Google Support 'Message Blocked' Pharmacy Spam Email

Email purporting to be from Google Support claims that a message sent by the recipient has been blocked. The recipient is urged to click a link to read the blocked message or get more information.

Russian Sleep Experiment Story

Article circulating on line and via email tells the horrifying story of an experiment conducted by Russian researchers during the 1940's in which five prisoners were kept awake in a sealed environment for 15 days.

Carnival Cruise Free Vacation Packages Survey Scam

Message purporting to be from "Carnival Cruise" claims that Facebook users can win an all-expenses-paid vacation package by liking and sharing a promotional image and clicking a link to apply for the free tickets.

Angelina Jolie is Not Dead- Fake Death Message Points to Rogue App and Survey Scam

Message circulating on Facebook claims that actress Angelina Jolie has died after an operation. The post claims that people can click a link to view an inspirational video message from Angelina to her fans.

Bogus LinkedIn Invites Open Drug Store Spam Sites

Message purporting to be from business orientated social network LinkedIn claims that a user has invited the recipient to connect on the network.

Kitten Giveaway Scam

Reply to an online enquiry about free kittens claims that the sender is giving away two registered pedigree kittens and that the recipient need only pay for the shipping of the animals to adopt them.

Miley Cyrus is NOT Dead - Miley Cyrus Suicide Facebook Scam

Message circulating on Facebook claims that entertainer Miley Cyrus has committed suicide due to "traumatic stress". The message urges fans to click a link to view a suicide video message from Miley.

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Bogus Warning - 'Russian Booksellers Looking For Children'

Viral social media messages warn that Russian booksellers are going door to door in various US locations with the intention of getting information about children for later abductions and human trafficking.

Dave and Angela Dawes Advance Fee Lottery Scams

Email purporting to be from UK lottery winners Dave and Angela Dawes claims that recipients have been randomly selected to receive 1.5 million pounds from the couple as part of a charity initiative.

Gang Initiation Warning Hoax - Infant Car Seat Left On Roadside

Warning message claims that criminals in the UK are placing infant car seats containing fake babies on the sides of rural roads as a means of tricking potential victims into stopping their cars so that gang members can rape and rob them as part of a gang initiation.

Dueling Banjos Hoax

Message claims that the "Dueling Banjos" scene from the movie "Deliverance" was not part of the original script but showed a real incident caught on film when guitar player Ronnie Cox and a local intellectually disabled boy engaged in a spontaneous musical interaction after the film crew stopped at an isolated gas station.

Football Star Joe Montana is NOT Dead

Message circulating via social media claims that retired pro football star Joe Montana has died in a single vehicle accident.

'I Am Meth' Poem

Message featuring a poem illustrating the danger and destructive nature of the drug meth claims that the poem was written by a young meth-addicted girl in jail who later died of a drug overdose.

Michelin Global Grant Program Advance Fee Scam

Message purporting to be from tyre company Michelin claims that the recipient has been awarded a grant of 1,500,000 as part of the company's "global economic empowerment program".

Nonsensical Hoax - Fungus Shiue Share Image to Get Money in Four Days

Social media message claims that, according to the Chinese art of "fungus shiue", those who share an attached image depicting a very large amount of cash will receive money in four days.

Western Union Mystery Shopper Money Laundering Scam

Email offers the recipient work as a mystery shopper evaluating Western Union outlets. The messages claim workers will be sent certified checks to cover evaluation costs and their pay.

Viral Image Depicts Woman Holding Gun to A Baby's Head

A widely circulated Internet message asks users to share an image depicting a young woman holding a gun to a baby's head in the hope that the woman can be identified.

Phishing Scam - 'Account Reported for Annoying and Insulting Facebook Users'

Message claiming to be from "Security The Facebook Team" warns recipients that their account has been reported for violating Facebook policies. Users are told that they must click a link to reconfirm their account within 12 hours or the account will be disabled.

Security Warning Message - Black Device Connected to Keyboard

Message warns users of public computers to check for a black device that, when plugged into the computer's keyboard by a fraudster, can store all key strokes entered, including passwords.

Phishing Email Masquerades as 'Trojan Virus' Infection Warning

Email purporting to be from an email service provider claims that the recipient's email has been infected with a Trojan Virus. The message claims that the recipient must click a link to delete the virus and recover the email account.

Westpac 'New Confirmation Form' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Australian bank Westpac claims that all customers must complete and submit a new "confirmation form" contained in an attached file.

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Hate Letter Targets Autistic Teen and His Family

Circulating message features a venomous and hate filled letter sent to the family of a teenager with Autism.

Facebook Team Security 2013 Phishing Scam - 'Last Warning - Your Account Will Be Disabled'

Message purporting to be a "last warning" from Facebook Security 2013 claims that recipients must click a link and re-confirm their account within 24 hours or their Facebook account will be deleted.

Malicious Hoax Falsely Claims Leicester Pub Bans British Soldiers

Viral social media message claims that owners of the Globe Pub in Leicester, UK, have banned all British military personnel from entering their premises for fear of upsetting local non-British customers. The message features a picture supposedly depicting the owners of the pub.

Circulating Message Claims a Dog Died after Playing With a Poisoned Filled Nerf Football

Circulating Facebook message claims that a dog playing at a community dog park died minutes after picking up a poison-filled Nerf football he found.

JetBlue Vacation Giveaway Like Farming Scam

Facebook Page posing as a JetBlue Airways page claims that Facebook users can win a six day all expenses paid vacation just by liking and sharing a promotional image.

Suncorp Bank 'New Database Transfiguration' Phishing Scam

Email claims that the recipient's Suncorp account is about to expire due to a "new database transfiguration" and he or she must click a "security link" to keep the account from being suspended.

Facebook Warning Claims Pedigree Dry Dog Food Killed Dogs

Viral Facebook message claims that a person's dogs died after eating Pedigree Dry Dog Food. The message includes an image of a sick dog lying in a pool of vomit.

Missing Teen Devon Ward Has Been Located and is Safe

Circulating social media message claims that 14-year-old Devon Ward is missing and asks users to share his photograph and description in the hope that someone has seen him.

Plea to Help Find Homes for 52 Thoroughbred Horses

Circulating messages ask recipients to help find new homes for 52 thoroughbred horses that must be rehoused urgently due to the death of their owner.

Delta Airlines Survey Scam

Facebook Page masquerading as an official Delta Airlines Page claims that it is giving Facebook users who share a promotional image and click a link the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Disney World.

Hoax - 'Lawful Interception Recovery Fee' on AT&T Bill

Message claims that users under surveillance are being charged a "lawful interception fee" to cover the cost of wiretapping their phones. As proof, the message includes an image depicting an AT&T bill that lists the alleged fee.

Cell Phone Photos Privacy Risk Warning

Circulating message warns that cell phone photographs posted online contain information that can allow strangers to identify the location where the pictures were taken. The message contains a TV news video that discusses the issue.