Orange 'Account Notification' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from UK mobile and Internet service provider Orange claims that new features have been added to the recipient's profile and that he or she must click a link to update account details for the new system.

Ford Mustang Giveaway Facebook Like-Farming Scam

Facebook Page claims that "for the first time in Facebook history" a 2013 Ford Mustang is being given away to one Facebook user. To enter, users are instructed to like the Page, share a promotional image and comment with their desired car colour.

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Facebook Donations For Sharing Hoax - 'Burned Baby Alexandra'

Message claims that Facebook will donate money to help burned baby Alexandra each and every time the baby's image is shared and liked.

Kik Messenger 'Over Usage Of Names' Forwarding Hoax

Message claims that cross platform messaging service Kik has experienced an over usage of user names and warns users that they must forward the information to their entire contact list within 48 hours or their account will be deleted. The message also warns that Kik is about to start charging people for using the system unless they prove that they are frequent users by sending the same message to at least 10 people.

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Qantas Job Offer Scam Email

Email purporting to be from Australian airline Qantas claims that a number of jobs are available at the company and invites interested applicants to email their resume for consideration.

Adam Sandler Snowboarding Death Hoax - Adam is STILL not Dead

Circulating message claims that popular actor Adam Sandler has died in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland.

Death Age Facebook 'Virus' Warning

Message circulating rapidly on Facebook warns of a Facebook virus called "Death Age" that will post messages to all areas of Facebook from accounts that have been infected.

Facebook Money For Likes Hoax - Baby With Many Cuts on Face

Facebook message featuring a picture of a baby with many cuts on his face claims that the baby has cancer and that Facebook will donate money to help him each time a user likes, shares, or comments on the picture.

Virgin Australia Like-Farming Scam

Facebook Page purporting to be an official Virgin Australia page claims that Facebook users who like and share a promotional image can win five tickets for a two-week trip to Sydney complete with $2000 spending money.

Payment Slip Confirmation Malware Email

Email asks recipients to confirm a supposed payment by reviewing a payment slip contained in an attached file.

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American Express 'Unusual Activity' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from credit card provider American Express claims that irregular and unusual activity has been detected on the recipient's account and he or she must click a link to verify account details or the account will be restricted.

Fake Water Bottles Airport Drug Smuggling Warning

Message warns people not to hold or carry items such as water bottles for other people when in airports because the items may contain illicit drugs. The message claims that fake water bottles have been used to smuggle drugs and includes a video showing such a bottle.

Hoax - HIV Needles Hidden Under Gas Pump Handles

Message going viral via social media claims that HIV infected needles are being placed under gas pump handles and that 16 people have already been stabbed by the needles when they tried to fill their gas tanks.