Chinese Teleportation Road Rescue Video

Circulating video supposedly shows CCT footage of a man being instantly teleported out of the path of an oncoming truck by a helpful alien, time traveller or angel.

PlayStation 4 Like and Share Giveaway Facebook Scam

Facebook Page claims it is giving away "200 pieces of Play Station 4" because they have been unsealed and therefore cannot be sold. The Page claims that users can win just by liking and sharing.

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Circulating Video of Girl Throwing Puppies Causing Outrage

Circulating social media message asks users to share a disturbing video of a young girl throwing puppies into a river. The message asks for help to identify the girl so that she can be made to pay for her actions.

'Bizarre Unknown' Fish Caught in Malaysia Not So Mysterious

Social media messages that feature an image of an unusual fish caught in Malaysian waters claim that the bizarre looking fish is a mystery and possible even an alien species.

No, The Bitstrips App is NOT an NSA Trojan

Message circulating via social media claims that the popular cartoon creation app Bitstrips is actually a secret NSA trojan designed to spy on people via their Facebook accounts and cellphones.

'Removing An Old Setting' Facebook Notification Message

Facebook users report receiving messages that state "In a few days we'll be removing an old Facebook setting you've used in the past". The messages provide detailed information about the impending change.

Did a Man in China Sue His Wife For Being Ugly?

Various reports and circulating messages claim that a man in China sued his wife for being ugly and won the case to the tune of $120,000.

'200 Pieces of iPhone' Facebook Giveaway Scam

Facebook Page claims that it is giving away 200 iPhones that cannot be sold because they are unsealed. The Page claims that users can get a chance to win one of the iPhones just be liking the Page, sharing a promotional image and commenting "done".

Gmail '4 Missed Emails' Pharmacy Spam

Message purporting to be from Gmail claims that the recipient should click a link to read four missed emails.

'Freedom Award Lottery Promotion Agency' Facebook Page Scam

Facebook Page billing itself as the "Freedom Award Lottery Promotion Agency Company" acts as a contact point for people who have been notified that they have won a large sum of money in the "Facebook Freedom Lottery". During the course of the scam, victims may be tricked into giving their Facebook password to criminals.

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Spider in Oreo Cookie Photograph

Circulating message that features a photograph depicting an Oreo cookie (or a similar brand of sandwich cookie) with a spider apparently pressed into the cream, suggests that people might want to open their Oreos before eating them.

'Giant Fukushima Mutant Dog' Picture

Circulating Facebook message claims that a massive dog featured in an attached image is a mutant created in-vitro by infusing maternal cells with Fukushima irradiated male DNA. The message links to a longer story about the mutant dog presented as a news article.

Oprah Winfrey is NOT Dead Links in Message Lead to Rogue App

Message appearing on Facebook claims that media queen Oprah Winfrey has been found dead at her house after committing suicide at her home. The message invites users to click a link to watch an exclusive video message that the star made before her death.

ANZ Phishing Scam - 'We Detected a Login Attempt With a Valid Password'

Notification email purporting to be from Australian bank, ANZ, claims that a login attempt with a valid password from an unrecognized device has been detected. Recipients are urged to click an account review link if they did not make such a login attempt.

'Microsoft Facebook Yahoo Windows Live Award' Advance Fee Scam

Message claims the recipient has won 650,000 in a prize award organized by Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, and Windows Live and should contact the "fiduciary agent" to begin processing of the prize claim.

Chemical Burns From Gel In Diaper Warning Message

Circulating social media message claims that leaked gel from inside a Huggies Snug And Dry Diaper caused 2nd degree chemical burns on a 21-month-old child's leg.

Charles F. Feeney 'Grant Donation' Advance Fee Scam

Email purporting to be from millionaire philanthropist Charles Francis Feeney claims that the recipient has been awarded a grant of 1.9 million US dollars based on the random selection of his or her email address online.

False and Damaging Rumour 'RSPCA Paid to Keep Quiet About Halal Slaughtering'

Messages circulating online claim that a wealthy Saudi prince pays the RSPCA 5 million per year to keep quiet about cruel Halal slaughtering methods in the UK and take no action to curtail the practise.

'Apple ID Information Updated' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Apple claims that the recipient's Apple ID information was updated. The recipient is urged to click a link and change the account password if her or she believes that the change was in error or was unauthorised.

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ASDA Attempted Kidnapping Hoax

Circulating social media message claims a little girl went missing in an ASDA store but was later found in the store's toilets where a "foreign man and woman" were changing her clothes and cutting her hair.

Bogus Message Proclaims ' Christmas is banned: IT Offends Muslims'

Circulating message features a photograph depicting a newspaper headline that screams "Christmas is banned: IT Offends Muslims".

False Rumour - Patron at Cosmo Romford Finds Dog Microchip Wedged in Tooth

Message circulating via Facebook claims that a diner at the Cosmo Romford restaurant found a dog microchip stuck in her tooth after eating a curry at the restaurant.

Hoax - Picture of 'World's Largest Tortoise'

Social media message claims that an attached photograph depicts the world's largest tortoise, found in the Amazon River, being transported along a roadway strapped to the bed of a large truck. A newer variant claims that the giant beast is a mutant caused by radiation leaked from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

Fogg Hill Wolf Kill Warning Poster

Poster circulating online states that 176 head of livestock were killed by an active wolf pack between Fogg Hill and Pole Canyon on Saturday. The poster urges people to exercise caution because bears and scavengers may be feeding in the area.

NO, Obama is NOT Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods

Message circulating via social media claims that US President Obama is rolling out a nationwide network of gas stations that will offer free gas to minority groups and the poor. The message links to a website article with more information about the supposed initiative.

Marks & Spencer Poppy Sales Three Percent False Rumour

Rapidly circulating social media post claims that UK store chain Marks & Spencer is only giving the Royal British Legion three percent of sales from poppies it sells.

Westpac 'Login Attempt From Unrecognized Device' Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be from Australian bank Westpac claims that a login attempt with a valid password from an unrecognized device has been detected on the recipient's account.