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The Hoax-Slayer Top Ten includes articles relating to hoaxes, scams, and true stories as well as stories that contain a mixture of true and false information. Click the title of each listed article to access a full report on the topic.

1: HOAX - 'Facebook to Begin Charging Users From November 1st'

Report circulating via social media claims that Facebook will begin charging its users $2.99 per month from November 1st 2014 in an effort to counter rising costs.

2: Picture of Little Girl Ghost Caught on Deer Cam?

Widely circulated image purportedly shows the ghost of a little girl in a gingham dress captured by a hidden deer cam.

3: NONSENSE - 'McDonalds Using Human Meat'
Circulating report claims that human meat has been discovered in McDonald's meat factories in the United States. The report further claims that the meat comes from children.

4: '22 Foot 2500 Pound' Crocodile Photo

Circulating photograph purportedly shows a 22 foot 2500 pound Crocodile killed near a village on Africa's Niger River.

5: The Amazing Typewriter Art of Paul Smith

Email with a series of attached pictures claims that the pictures were created on a typewriter by the artist Paul Smith.

6: Maria at Dell Hospital Money for Forwarding Hoax

Message claims that Dell Hospital will donate 15 cents to help pay medical expenses for five year old Maria who is in hospital after being brutally raped by a man who has AIDS.

7: Is Sour Sop a Cancer Killer 10,000 times Stronger Than Chemotherapy?

Widely circulated message claims that sour sop, the fruit from the graviola tree, is a miraculous natural cancer killer that is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

8: Prime Minister Howard - Muslims Out Of Australia

Email forward claims that former Australian Prime Minister John Howard told the media that immigrants should adapt to Australian culture, language and beliefs or leave the country. It also claims that Howard told Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law that they should get out of Australia

9: MALWARE - 'My New Photo' Emails

Emails with the subject line and text 'my new photo :)' include an attached .zip file that supposedly contains the promised image.

10: Immigration Quote Wrongly Attributed to Sir Edmund Barton

Email with an old photograph of a leader addressing a crowd claims that a speech on the assimilation of immigrants included in the message was made by Australia's first Prime Minister Sir Edmund Barton in 1907.

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