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Hoax-Slayer Top 10 Articles

Not all stories listed here are hoaxes.

The Hoax-Slayer Top Ten includes articles relating to hoaxes, scams, and true stories as well as stories that contain a mixture of true and false information. Click the title of each listed article to access a full report on the topic.

  1. Hoax: Facebook to Start Charging This Summer - Facebook Icon Will Turn Blue (Or Gold)
    Message circulating on Facebook claims that Facebook will soon start charging for access but those who repost the message on their walls will get to keep their free accounts if their Facebook icon turns blue or gold.

  2. Completely Pointless and Misleading 'Facebook Privacy Notice'
    Message circulating on Facebook advises users to publish a 'Privacy Statement' as a means of stopping the public use of material they post on the network. The latest 'better safe than sorry' version mentions Channel 13 News as a source.

  3. HOAX - 'Facebook To Start Charging to Keep Your Posts Private'
    Message circulating on Facebook claims that from tomorrow all of the information that users have published on Facebook will be made public unless they pay a fee of £5.99 or repost the same message.

  4. ‘Bananas Injected With HIV’ Hoax Warning
    Circulating warning messages claim that people are injecting HIV infected blood into bananas so you should not eat bananas that contain a red colour inside.

  5. Viral Facebook Post Warns About Facebook Cloning – Warning Is Valid
    Unlike many ‘security warnings’ that circulate via social media, this message describes a genuine security risk and Facebook users would do well to take notice.

  6. Facebook Posts Asking You To Type ‘Amen’ To Help Children Or Animals Are Like-Farming Scams Not Hackers
    According to a would-be warning message that is currently circulating rapidly via social media, you should not enter ‘amen’ under Facebook posts about children, animals, or old people because the posts are from hackers.

  7. Hoax Warning Claims 'Bompie' Brand Frozen Juice Has Killed 180 People
    According to a message that is circulating rapidly via social media, SMS, and email, you should not buy a frozen juice brand called 'Bompie'.

  8. Is Sour Sop a Cancer Killer 10,000 times Stronger Than Chemotherapy?
    Widely circulated message claims that sour sop, the fruit from the graviola tree, is a miraculous natural cancer killer that is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

  9. Chinese Teleportation Road Rescue Video
    irculating video supposedly shows CCTV footage of a man being instantly teleported out of the path of an oncoming truck by a helpful alien, time traveller or angel.

  10. Useless ‘He/She Arises Between The Comments’ Facebook Hack Warning
    Circulating message warns that there is a ‘new hack on Facebook’ in which the perpetrators ‘arise’ between comments and are thus able to post offensive material that looks like it came from you.

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