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Hoax-Slayer Top 10 Articles

Not all stories listed here are hoaxes.

The Hoax-Slayer Top Ten includes articles relating to hoaxes, scams, and true stories as well as stories that contain a mixture of true and false information. Click the title of each listed article to access a full report on the topic.

  1. Free Key Chain ‘Detector To Follow U Home’ Hoax Warning
    Message circulating rapidly via social media warns you not to accept a free key chain given out at petrol stations because it is a detector that can be used to follow you home. The message features an image that supposedly depicts some of the free key chain devices.

  2. Fake-News: 'Remains of Egyptian Army Discovered in Red Sea'
    Circulating 'News' report claims that archaeologists have discovered the remains of a large Egyptian army at the bottom of the Red Sea. The report suggests that the discovery could be evidence for the biblical story describing the parting of the Red Sea by Moses and the subsequent inundation of the Egyptian army when the parted waters returned.

  3. Useless ‘He/She Arises Between The Comments’ Facebook Hack Warning
    Circulating message warns that there is a ‘new hack on Facebook’ in which the perpetrators ‘arise’ between comments and are thus able to post offensive material that looks like it came from you.

  4. HOAX – ‘No Sun For 8 Days NASA Confirmed’
    Circulating social media message warns that there will be no sun for 8 days from June 10 until June 17. According to the message, the darkness event has been confirmed by NASA.

  5. Hoax: Facebook to Start Charging This Summer - Facebook Icon Will Turn Blue (Or Gold)
    Message circulating on Facebook claims that Facebook will soon start charging for access but those who repost the message on their walls will get to keep their free accounts if their Facebook icon turns blue or gold.

  6. ‘Bananas Injected With HIV’ Hoax Warning
    According to would be warning messages that are circulating via social media and various fake-news reports, people are injecting HIV infected blood into bananas so you should not eat bananas that contain a red colour inside.

  7. Hoax Warning Claims 'Bompie' Brand Frozen Juice Has Killed 180 People
    According to a message that is circulating rapidly via social media, SMS, and email, you should not buy a frozen juice brand called 'Bompie'.

  8. ‘Install WhatsApp Version 4.0’ Scam Message
    ‘Invite’ message being distributed via WhatsApp claims that you can follow a link to download and install ‘WhatsApp Version 4.0’.

  9. Facebook Posts Asking You To Type ‘Amen’ To Help Children Or Animals Are Like-Farming Scams Not Hackers
    According to a would-be warning message that is currently circulating rapidly via social media, you should not enter ‘amen’ under Facebook posts about children, animals, or old people because the posts are from hackers.

  10. Drano Bottle Bomb Warning Message
    Circulating message claims that dangerous bottle bombs made from Drano and tin foil are being left on lawns, mail boxes, driveways and other places where they can potentially cause serious injury to unsuspecting people who pick them up.

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