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Not all stories listed here are hoaxes.

The Hoax-Slayer Top Ten includes articles relating to hoaxes, scams, and true stories as well as stories that contain a mixture of true and false information. Click the title of each listed article to access a full report on the topic.

1: Fake-News Story Claims AriZona Tea Contains Human Urine

According to a circulating 'news' report, America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently investigated popular US beverage maker AriZona Tea and discovered that human urine is used as an active ingredient in the company's products.

2: Elephant Encounter Story - Not the Same Elephant

Circulating message tells the tale of a man who, twenty years after he helped a young wild elephant with a sore foot, believes that he has encountered the same elephant, a belief that ends in tragedy.

3: No, Energy Drinks Do NOT Contain Bull Sperm

Message circulating via social media claims that the 'longhorn cattle company' tested some of the top brands of energy drink and found that they contain bull sperm.

4: Nareepol Tree

Message claims that attached photographs show the "Nareepol Tree" in Thailand - an amazing tree that grows fruit in the shape of women. Another version claims the "naarilatha plant" grows in the Himalayas and only blooms with its woman shaped flowers once every twenty years.

5: HOAX - 'Cosmic Rays Entering Earth From Mars'

Circulating message warns that potentially dangerous cosmic rays will be entering the Earth from Mars between 10:30 pm and 3:30 am tonight and users should switch off their mobile devices. The message claims that the information comes from BBC News. A new variant omits the 'Mars' reference and claims that the news comes from 'Singapore TV' and NASA.

6: Beware of Scams That Exploit the Nepal Earthquake Disaster

Cybercriminals love major disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and air crashes. Such disasters give them the perfect opportunity to exploit the concern and sympathy of Internet users around the world.

7: Fake News - 'California Bans All .45 ACP Ammunition'

According to a report that is currently circulating the Interwebs at speed, California has just implemented a state-wide ban on the sale and ownership of all .45 ACP ammunition.

8: Martin Lawrence is NOT Dead

Posts claiming that US comedian and actor Martin Lawrence has died are circulating vigorously via social media.

9: HOAX - 'HIV & AIDS Infected Oranges Coming From Libya'

Circulating message warns that the immigration services of Algeria have recovered oranges from Libya that have been injected with 'HIV & AIDS blood'.

10: The Amazing Typewriter Art of Paul Smith

Email with a series of attached pictures claims that the pictures were created on a typewriter by the artist Paul Smith.

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