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Not all stories listed here are hoaxes.

The Hoax-Slayer Top Ten includes articles relating to hoaxes, scams, and true stories as well as stories that contain a mixture of true and false information. Click the title of each listed article to access a full report on the topic.

1: Russian Sleep Experiment Story

Article circulating online and via email tells the horrifying story of an experiment conducted by Russian researchers during the 1940's in which five prisoners were kept awake in a sealed environment for 15 days.

2: Misleading and Inaccurate Warning Ė 'Donít Answer Calls While Charging Cell Phone'

Social media message claims that a boy died in Mumbai because he took a call while his mobile phone was charging. The message also claims that people should not make or answer calls when a mobile phone's battery is low because the radiation is 1000 times stronger.

3: Viral Image of Baby Being Tattooed

An image that appears to depict a crying child being forcibly tattooed by an adult male is currently circulating via social media, causing outrage as it travels.

4: Imitinef Mercilet - Free Blood Cancer Medicine Advice Message

Message advises recipients that "Imitinef Mercilet", a medicine that cures blood cancer, is available free of charge from the Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai, India.

5: Chinese Teleportation Road Rescue Video

Circulating video supposedly shows CCTV footage of a man being instantly teleported out of the path of an oncoming truck by a helpful alien, time traveller or angel.

6: Is Sour Sop a Cancer Killer 10,000 times Stronger Than Chemotherapy?

Widely circulated message claims that sour sop, the fruit from the graviola tree, is a miraculous natural cancer killer that is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

7: SCAM - 'Mermaid Found Inside Shark Video'

Circulating 'breaking news' Facebook message claims that users can click a teaser image to see a 'rare' video footage of a mermaid found inside a shark.

8: Drano Bottle Bomb Warning Message

Circulating message claims that dangerous bottle bombs made from Drano and tin foil are being left on lawns, mail boxes, driveways and other places where they can potentially cause serious injury to unsuspecting people who pick them up.

9: HOAX - 'Google Earth Finds SOS From Woman Stranded on Deserted Island'

Circulating report that features an image depicting an SOS sign drawn on the ground and viewed from a high altitude, claims that the sign was made by a woman stranded on a deserted island for 7 years. The report suggests that the SOS was finally spotted via Google Earth.

10: Does a Viral Picture Show a Giant Snake That Swallowed a Woman in South Africa?

Message going viral on social media claims that a giant snake swallowed a woman near Durban North, South Africa in June 2013. The message includes a photograph of a large python and claims that the picture was taken by Linda Laina Nyatoro, a South African reporter who witnessed the incident.

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