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Hulk Hogan is NOT Dead


Rumours circulating via social media claim that wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has died.

Hulk Hogan Not Dead
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Brief Analysis

The rumours are untrue.  Hulk Hogan is alive and well. Some versions of the circulating death messages are scams designed to trick users into providing their personal information via dodgy online surveys. If you receive one of these false death messages, do not click any links it contains and do not share the post.


RIP HULK HOGAN , Great Wrestler #WWE

[18+ Vid] R.I.P. Hulk Hogan died after having a deadly head shot today as revenge A boy get revenge with hulk because he did sex with his sister Hulk Hogan Not Dead

Detailed Analysis

Rumours Claim Hulk Hogan Has Died

According to posts that are circulating virally via Twitter and Facebook, legendary wrestling star Hulk Hogan has died.

Many of the 'R.I.P. Hulk Hogan' messages are quite vague and do not specify how or when the star supposedly died.

A few, more sinister, Facebook variants claim that Hulk died from a deadly head shot in an act of revenge and invite users to click a 'play' button to view footage of the incident.

Rumours Are False - Hulk Hogan is Alive

However, the rumours are false. Hulk Hogan is alive and well. This is just one more in a long series of false celebrity death rumours that have traversed the interwebs in recent years.

Once the rumours get started, they can quickly take on a life of their own with many recipients blindly sharing them without verifying the death claims.

And, as in this case, scammers often quickly exploit the rumours to further their own nefarious ends.

Some Versions Lead to Scam Websites

The 'deadly head shot' version of the message is a scam designed to trick users into spamming their friends with the same false material and participating in suspect online surveys.

Clicking the video 'play' button in the message takes users to a fake Facebook Page that supposedly hosts the promised video.  However, when users attempt to play the video, they will be told that they must first share the Page with their Facebook friends.

After they share as instructed, they will be taken to a second page that again supposedly hosts the video. But, this time when they attempt to play the video, they will be told that that the must first participate in one or more online surveys, ostensibly to verify their age.

The surveys ask participants to supply personal information such as their mobile phone numbers and address details, supposedly to allow them to go in the draw for various prizes.

But, by doing so, users will in fact be subscribing to expensive subscription services and may later be inundated with unwanted phone calls, marketing emails, and surface junk mail.

And, no matter how many surveys they fill in, they will never get to view the promised video, which never existed to begin with.

Meanwhile, the scammers who create the fake messages will earn money from unethical affiliate marketing schemes each time a person participates in a survey.

Some versions of the scam may also try to trick people into installing rogue apps or downloading malware.

Check Celebrity Death Posts Before Sharing or Clicking

It is important to verify any celebrity death claims that come your way via social media or email before sharing them. If a celebrity or famous person really dies, the mainstream media always extensively covers the news.  Therefore, a quick search of a news aggregator service such as Google News should allow you to check if a circulating death story is true.

And, if one of these celebrity death stories comes your way, be very cautious of clicking any links that it contains.

Hulk Hogan Not Dead

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Last updated: August 5, 2014
First published: August 5, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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