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News From Japan - Update on Banking Crisis (Joke)
Email claims that several Japanese banks, including the "Origami Bank", the "Sumo Bank" and the "Bonsai Bank" are experiencing major difficulties due to the US sub-prime lending crisis.

Published: 17th October 2008

Power Line Virus (Joke)
Email warns about a damaging virus that travels through power lines.

Published: 8th September 2005

The State Highway Patrol in conjunction with the FBI has issued a warning advising all dog owners to keep their dogs indoors until further notice.

Published: 2nd August 2006

Plagiarized Poem - Why Computers Sometimes Crash! by Dr. Seuss
An amusing poem about computing that has circulated widely online and via email is attributed to American writer, Dr Seuss.

Published: 16th June 2006

Naked Girl Window Washer Scam
Email warns recipients of a new scam in which a naked woman distracts drivers while an accomplice steals items from the vehicle

Published: 4th March 2005

Billy Evans Mock Charity Hoax
This joke email pokes fun at the seemingly endless series of absurd charity hoaxes that darken inboxes the world over.

Published: 1st March, 2005

Work Virus
Email claims that there is a new virus called "work" that can cause your social life to be deleted as well as result in your brain ceasing to function properly.

Published: 4th January 2004

Show Your Bum Joke
Email warns that a man supposedly conducting a survey may come to your door and ask to see your bum

Published: 8th August 2004

Bad Times Spoof
Email mocks the "Good Times" virus hoax by detailing the outrageous effects of an imaginary virus named "Badtimes"

Published: 12th December 2003

Digital Camera for Sale
Email claims to be advertising a digital camera for sale

Published: 21st August 2003

Drivers Licence on the Internet
Email claims that Internet users can view anyone's Driver's License details by visiting a specified website and entering a name, city and state into a search form.

Published: 13th April 2003

Nuclear Strike Email Hoax
Outrageous spoof email claims that just opening an email will automatically launch a nuclear strike

Published: 6th March 2003

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