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Hoax-Slayer - What We Do
We write about topics that are trending online or have been submitted by readers via email and social media.

We thoroughly research all articles published on Hoax-Slayer prior to publication. Our findings are based on information available via a variety of credible sources including other reputable websites, news articles, press releases, government or company publications and consumer alerts.

If required, we also contact companies, government departments, or other relevant entities directly to enquire about the veracity of particular messages.

Our articles include in-text hyperlinks and a separate reference list that allow you to check the information for yourself.

Researching Information

1: 'Know Who Viewed Your Profile' Facebook Scam

For years, Facebook users have been plagued by scam messages claiming that they can find out who has been viewing their profiles.

2: Absurd Warning - 'LOL' stands for 'Lucifer Our Lord'

Messages circulating via social media advise users to stop using the abbreviation "LOL" because it stands for "Lucifer Our Lord' and including it in messages is actually endorsing Satan.

3: Hunting Family Posing With Dead Elephant Picture

Circulating protest message features an image of a dead elephant, still with food in its mouth, with a family of hunters posing behind the body.

4: Wrestling Star John Cena is NOT Dead

Circulating social media message claims that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star John Cena has died of a head injury while practicing a wrestling stunt with a WWE co-star.

5: Facebook Survey Scam - Free Bunnings Gift Cards or Vouchers

According to various posts appearing on Facebook, you can get a free Bunnings Warehouse gift card or voucher valued at several hundred dollars by clicking a link in the post.

6: HOAX - 'HIV & AIDS Infected Oranges Coming From Libya'

Circulating message warns that the immigration services of Algeria have recovered oranges from Libya that have been injected with 'HIV & AIDS blood'.

7: PayPal 'Unknown Device or Location' Phishing Email

Because PayPal conducts almost all of its activities online, phishing scammers constantly target the company's customers.

8: HOAX - 'Cosmic Rays Entering Earth From Mars'

Circulating message warns that potentially dangerous cosmic rays will be entering the Earth from Mars between 10:30 pm and 3:30 am tonight and users should switch off their mobile devices. The message claims that the information comes from BBC News. A new variant omits the 'Mars' reference and claims that the news comes from 'Singapore TV' and NASA.

9: Cadbury Products - Halal Certification Authority Logo Protest Email

Protest message calls on Australian consumers to avoid buying products that include the Halal Certification Authority Logo because the fees food companies pay for the use of the logo go to a religion that is "actively trying to destroy the Australian way of life" and possibly even supporting terrorism

10: Nareepol Tree

Message claims that attached photographs show the "Nareepol Tree" in Thailand - an amazing tree that grows fruit in the shape of women. Another version claims the "naarilatha plant" grows in the Himalayas and only blooms with its woman shaped flowers once every twenty years.

  • Facebook 'Shocking Video' Scam - 'Something Moving Inside Her Gums'
    Facebook Post featuring images of a young girl at the dentist claims that the little girl felt something moving around inside her gums. The post invites you to click a link to view video footage and see what was inside.

    Published: April 9, 2015

  • Live Ants In The Brain Hoax
    Warning claims that people have died after ants have entered their skulls by way of the ears and began eating their brains.

    Updated: April 9, 2015

  • 'Transfer Coordinator' Money Laundering Job Scam
    Email invites you to apply for a job as a 'Transfer Coordinator' by sending your resume to a specified Gmail address.

    Published: April 9, 2015

  • Bendigo Bank 'Morning Update' Malware Email
    A malware email professing to be a 'Morning Update' from Australia's Bendigo Bank is currently hitting inboxes.

    Published: April 9, 2015

  • Spurious Health Claim - 'Asparagus Can Cure Cancer'
    Long circulated Internet message claims that pureed asparagus can cure cancer. The message cites several cases as examples. It claims that the information came from one Richard R. Vensal, D.D.S. and was printed in the 'Cancer News Journal' back in December 1979.

    Updated: April 9, 2015

  • Electricity Bill Phone Scams
    Scammers posing as utility company staff are tricking people into giving them money via pre paid debit cards.

    Updated: April 9, 2015

  • Don't be Fooled By Fake 'WhatsApp Calling' Invites
    Many WhatsApp users continue to be tricked by 'invite' scam messages claiming that they can activate a new voice-calling feature by following a link.

    Published: April 8, 2015

  • No, Facebook Is NOT Removing Veteran Amputee Images
    Circulating message claims that Facebook is removing images depicting veteran amputees because the images are considered offensive and against Facebook's Community Standards.

    Updated: April 8, 2015

  • Facebook Like-Farming Scam - 100 MacBook Laptop Giveaway
    Facebook Page claims that it is giving away 100 MacBook laptops. For a chance to win, users are instructed to like and share a photo of the prize, add a comment specifying their colour preference should they win, and like the Page.

    Published: April 8, 2015

  • Anti Text-Driving Message - Car Wedged Under Truck Image
    Message circulating on Facebook that features a photograph of a fatal car accident in which a red car is wedged under a large truck claims that the accident occurred because the driver was texting. The message asks people to share if they are against texting and driving.

    Updated: April 8, 2015

  • Chase Credit Card 'Thank-You For Scheduling Payment' Malware Email
    Email purporting to be from Chase Credit Cards thanks you for scheduling a recent payment 'as an attachment' and claims that the payment will be credited to your account.

    Published: April 8, 2015


Meet Team Hoax-Slayer

Brett and Deborah Christensen

Research, writing, web-development, social networking, and business management

Brett founded Hoax-Slayer in 2003. He researches and writes most of the articles published on Hoax-Slayer and manages the day-to-day-running of the site.

Deborah began working with Brett on Hoax-Slayer in late 2014. She conducts research and development for the site and helps to manage Hoax-Slayer's social media feeds.

Brett and Deborah Christensen

Matthew Christensen

Coding, web-development, site maintenance: Matthew converts Brett's articles to web format and publishes them on the site. He also prepares and sends the site newsletter and performs many other day-to-day maintenance tasks. Matthew is attending university with the goal of attaining a multi-media degree.

Cameron Christensen

Coding, web-development, site maintenance: Cameron looks after the mobile version of the Hoax-Slayer website and contributes to web development and general site maintenance. He is studying web development online.

Facebook Admin Team

Our three admins Steve (UK), David (US) and Shevaun (Australia) help keep our busy Facebook Page operating smoothly. Steve, David, and Shevaun give their time freely to help the Internet community and their contributions are greatly appreciated.



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