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Issue 100 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 100: March, 2010

This month in Hoax-Slayer:
  1. Costa Rica Turtle Egg Harvest Protest Email
  2. Gordon Lightfoot Death Hoax
  3. Automation Labs Facebook Privacy Warning Hoax
  4. Indian Department of Revenue Tax Refund Scam
  5. Maroochydore High School Answering Machine Message Hoax
  6. National Health Anti-Fraud Association Complaint Scam Email
  7. Boy Shot By Step Dad Charity Hoax
  8. Facebook Gold Account Hoaxes
  9. Bank of America Software Upgrade Phishing Scam
  10. Immigration Quote Wrongly Attributed to Sir Edmund Barton
  11. False Rumours Claim That Facebook is About to Start Charging User
  12. Gordon Brown Smiling Virus Hoax
  13. Giant George - Huge Great Dane
  14. Craigslist Account Phishing Scam
  15. ATO Cut Off Taxes Program Phishing Scam Email
  16. Mercedes-Benz Test Questions Advance Fee Scam
  17. Check Out YouTube Request - Facebook Trojan Worm Warning