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Issue 107 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 107: October, 2010

This month in Hoax-Slayer:
  1. UK Pensioners v Asylum Seekers Protest Message
  2. Fake LinkedIn Invitation Emails Point to Malware
  3. Travel Warning - Khas Khas (Poppy Seed) Imprisonment in UAE
  4. Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Avowed Satanist Hoax
  5. Bogus Microsoft Critical Upgrade Notification Email
  6. Moon Split Miracle Chain Letter
  7. Death From Poisoned Rhino Horn Rumour
  8. Gang Initiation Warning Hoax - Infant Car Seat Left On Roadside
  9. Collapse Of 13 Story Building in China
  10. Rebirth Of The Eagle Hoax
  11. Facebook Virus Using Your Pictures Warning
  12. Kleneus66 Virus Hoax
  13. Spider Under Florida Toilet Seat Hoax
  14. Facebook Hacked 'BBC News Team' Warning Message