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Issue 110 - Hoax-Slayer Newsletter

Issue 110: January, 2011

This month in Hoax-Slayer:
  1. Facebook Account Update Phishing Scam Email
  2. Facebook Change Profile Picture to Cartoon Character Paedophile Warning Hoax
  3. Inaccurate Warning about Fake $50 Australian Banknotes
  4. Driving With Snow on Car Roof Fixed Penalties Hoax
  5. Elephant Encounter Story - Not the Same Elephant
  6. Facebook Warning Post - Apps Sending 'Not Very Nice' Messages Using Your Name
  7. Google Romance Malware Email
  8. St.George Bank Phishing Scam Emails
  9. New Fall Hat - Image of President Obama Wearing an Acorn Hat and Smoking
  10. BT Service Cancellation Notice Phishing Scam
  11. Liverpool and Manchester Shopping Centre Bomb Threat Hoax
  12. Adobe Acrobat Upgrade Phishing Scam Emails
  13. The Amazing Typewriter Art of Paul Smith
  14. Indian Government Award Advance Fee Scam
  15. Slow Dance Charity Hoax
  16. Chinese Hair Bands Made From Used Condoms
  17. Baby With Facial Deformity Money for Forwarding Hoax
  18. F-15 Crash Sequence Images
  19. Tampa Bay Beach Sea Monster